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Vehicle Graphics Advertising Will Land You on Page One of Google!

Posted on Wed, Apr, 23, 2014

Vehicle wraps advertising and getting on Page one of GoogleRecently, we came across some interesting statistics on how many visitors a business will get to their website based on where they fall on page one of Google—in first, second or third place—or even tenth place. The numbers may surprise you but taking advantage of other lead generation tools like vehicle graphics advertising, will also push up page views.

Percentage of Visits per Page Position

According to a Chitka survey, the following shows the average number of shares based on where you land on Page One of Google:































Ensuring your blogs, website and landing pages it make the top three spots—the most desired means enlisting a combination of marketing tools.

3 Tools You Need Now

How to increase your website trafficCertain tools in your marketing arsenal guarantee success, but you need to employ all of them to increase website traffic.

Optimized Website – A website alone does not guarantee visits. You need to make sure the site is optimized to be found by search engines. That means understanding SEO, HTML titles, keywords and META descriptions. Since 44 percent of all Internet users will search for products or services they want online, you’re website needs to be easily found!

Social Media – If you aren’t engaging customers on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn, you need to start now. Did you know that 80 percent of social network users prefer to connect to brands through Facebook? 70 percent of consumers also “trust” a company that has a Facebook page! LinkedIn is the very best B2B social media site and Twitter is a place you can showcase your products and insert images using smart text—140 characters or less! As far as Google+ goes, if you post images with the correct alt tags and someone searches for an image of your product during a Google search, you’ll gain a higher chance of your product image popping up. So, if you aren’t using social media, it’s time to start.

Blogging – Even experts in the online marketing industry like Search Engine Land and say for a website to be found it’s not just the SEO on the website and social media engagement. It’s also producing 100 percent original content via blogs and landing pages.

Lost on how to get started using these three tools? We can help you develop a plan that works and is specific for your industry!

Adding Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics advertisingFinally, we come to vehicle graphics and they too will help you land on Page One of Google. Why? They are high-impact visuals and 95 percent of those surveyed said they remembered the lettering and graphics they saw meaning they’ll find you from the graphics on your vehicle—most likely via an Internet search.

In addition, because just one wrapped vehicle has the potential of reaching up to 70,000 visual views in just one day, that’s a lot of “visual” memorability and outreach. Adding social media icons to your vehicle graphics shows consumers you are interacting on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter and they’ll know how to find you.

And, 85 percent of vehicle graphics advertising will reach people in all ages, demographics and income levels. This means everyone that sees them offers yet another chance for them to run to their laptops, PCs, tablets and mobile devices and find you on the Web.

Considering vehicle wraps advertising are seen 24/7, even when parked imagine their power in a traffic jam? They are the most effective form of advertising you can invest in today.

Nationwide vehicle graphics advertisingPutting all these tools together ensures you will land on Page One of Google. Failing to implement a sound visual marketing plan with vehicle graphics and developing a sound inbound marketing plan with social media, SEO and blogging are essential to gain the Internet presence you seek.

Gone are the days where people just pick up a phone book and look for businesses. Every consumer whether they are individuals or business owners start product research on the Web. We can help you with the vehicle graphics advertising part of your marketing kit—in fact, please download our free Vehicle Wrap Kit to receive all the information you need on this powerful advertising tool!


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