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Putting Your Business Logo on Vehicles Is the Best Way to Advertise Your Company

Business logo on vehiclesYour marketing arsenal isn’t working. Last year, you relied upon ad reps to tell you where to spend your budgeted advertising dollars and now this year, you’re wondering if the same plan of attack is still wise. Sunrise Signs is here to tell you that while nobody likes change, it’s good to switch things up a bit, especially if you plan on beating your competitors this year. This is the year to put your business logo on vehicles—every vehicle in your fleet!

Are You Paying for Snake Oil?

Pop open your email on a regular basis and you’ll probably see a message from one of your ad reps. For sure that stack of phone messages you need to return contains at least one or two from an ad rep. Or, maybe you’re the lucky one where the rep just shows up without any announcement?

These representatives have a job to do and while it’s an honest career, these individuals rarely stay with one company. They skip around. The gal that was your Yellow Pages ad rep is now your local newspaper ad rep and vice versa.  The local television stations don’t even come after you because they figure if you have enough to fork out cash on a prime time TV ad, you’ll call them. The same is true for magazines.

Still, dutiful as ever, ad reps come bearing gifts and charts of promise. “We have increased our subscribers to this or that number—we’re 10 percent up from last year!” Or, “We know many people aren’t using the Yellow Pages anymore but some people do prefer them—look at this chart.” Or, “Our radio station is listened to more than any other local station out there—we have the numbers to prove it!”

Vehicle wraps and graphics statisticsWhere do they get all these “statistics” and “charts?” From the parent companies that own these ad venues. These charts are used to help them sell—much like a fancy brochure only a little more confusing.

To weed out these snake oil reps, ask one question: “Can you tell me how many people saw/heard/read my ads last year?”  

We bet they’ll skip right by that question and push those charts and subscriber stats in your face again. Isn’t it time to think about putting your business logo on vehicles and choose stunning graphics that actually get noticed?

You Need to Visible Online and On the Road

According to Fact, “Ads accounted for 40.2 percent of all online videos viewed in the U.S. in December 2013.” So go make a video and put your business on YouTube. Open social media accounts and post to them regularly. Blog about what you know about best—the products or services you sell or the industry you are in.

Next, ask us about vehicle wraps and graphics and how it’s possible to embed everything from your logo to a slogan to a motto to your website address to your toll-free telephone number and turn your company car into a 24/7 moving pictorial of your business. Just one wrapped vehicle can achieve up to 70,000 visual views in just one day. And, the cost per one-thousand impressions is around $0.35 cents—yes cents. Look at the chart, you’ll get the idea:

Vehicle wraps cost per impression

You Can’t Beat a Wrap

Benefits of fleet graphics and vehicle wrapsIt is impossible to compete with the ad power behind vehicle wraps. Today’s consumer is a visual consumer and they remember what they see—in fact 95 percent of those surveyed said they would remember the graphics they saw—will they remember an ad from last Sunday’s newspaper? Probably not, especially if they are one of the millions who now get their news online.

You can’t beat prime time TV ads—they still own about 56 percent of the market, however, those paying for those ads are paying dearly for those spots. For a small business owner, a TV ad in prime time could wipe out an entire year’s ad budget.

Test yourself tomorrow. On your drive to the office, count the number of vehicle wraps, graphics or vehicle vinyl lettering you see. Then times that number by the number of family, friends and employees you have—big number isn’t it?

We think the idea of putting business logos on vehicles just got a little more attractive. Click the button, get a free quote. We are nationwide vehicle wraps and graphics provider.


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