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25 Awesome Shareable Ideas for Branding the RAM ProMaster Van with Vehicle Wrap Graphics!

The RAM ProMaster van is one great vehicle for contractors, franchises and fleets! With its sleek European look, the RAM ProMaster van delivers tons of cargo space and is available in three models: the 1500, 2500 and 3500. RAM also offers a window van in the 2500 trim model. Available wheel bases are 118, 136 and 159-inches depending on model and the 1500 model is available with a low or high roof where the 2500 and 3500 models come with the higher roof—awesome as a work or cargo van.

The options for the ProMaster are endless or choose from RAM packages such as the Premium Appearance, Driver Convenience or Cargo Convenience group—all with features a work van should have—and the ProMaster doesn’t disappoint.

If this heavy-duty vehicle is tops on your list for a new work vehicle this year, Sunrise Signs offers 25 awesome and sharable vehicle wrap design ideas for branding the RAM ProMaster van with vehicle wrap graphics!

1. Looking to brand your franchise in your area? The RAM ProMaster is a great canvas to brand locally!

How can you target local customers when you're part of a national franchise? Using vehicle wraps we can include not just franchisor logos but also local information to help market and brand your franchise locally!

Ram ProMaster vehicle wraps for franchise owners

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2. Let consumers know you offer environmental and green services!

Ram Promaster vehicle graphics

If your contractor business offers environmental clean up and restoration services, the use of vehicle wraps designs using a "green theme" shows you care about the planet!

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3. Vehicle wraps great for plumbers that offer 24/7 emergency service!

RAM Promaster vehicle wraps for Plumbers

When consumers in your area need 24/7 emergency plumbing services, announce the same on your RAM ProMaster vehicle wraps!

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4. Fantastic way to let area customers know who to call for property restoration services!

Full vehicle wraps for the RAM Promaster

If you offer property restoration and mold remediation and flood clean-up services, the ProMaster is great not just for your tools but will also let customers know exactly what you do!

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5. Calling all caterers - Book more parties with ProMaster van wraps!

Catering ProMaster Full Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

If you aren't consistently advertising your catering services, using vehicle wraps is one effective way to do so. They advertise your business 24/7, even when parked!

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6. Add a menu list of your contractor services!

Vehicle graphics and wraps for RAM ProMaster

Adding a list of the construction or remodeling services you offer will instantly connect with viewers that need these solutions in their homes! 

7. HVAC contractors can achieve up to 70,000 visual views in just one day!

HVAC Ram Promaster vehicle wraps

Forget all those post cards and direct mailers and instead let your RAM ProMaster gain more visual views than ever with van wraps and stunning graphics!

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8. Specialize in wind, fire and water cleanup? Yes, van wraps will market your business 365 days a year!

RAM Promaster Vehicle Wrap Ideas

When consumers need these emergency services, they often don't know where to turn. With your RAM ProMaster van wraps, they will remember your graphics and call your company first!

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9. For general contractors that do it all, this van from the RAM lineup will keep your company in the forefront of consumer's minds!

General Contractor RAM ProMaster vehicle wraps

Some projects need a licensed, bonded and insured general contractor. With van wraps and graphics added to your RAM ProMaster, it will be hard to miss your GC services!

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10. Do you offer on-site repair services like leather repair or windshield installs?

RAM Promaster Cargo van wraps

Any business that travels from client to client will benefit from the always-advertising power of van wraps!

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11. If you are a distributor and on the road all the time, what better way to let consumers know what you do?

Ram Promaster van graphics for Distributors

Food distributors and others that deliver paper products, table linens and uniforms to businesses in their service area will always benefit from cargo van wraps!

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12. Haul trash or junk and then recycle it? Why not let consumers know it!

Cargo van wraps and graphics for the RAM ProMaster

This is a service many seek and they are even more pleased when they know their "junk" will be put to good use!

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13. Let local clients know what part of South Jersey your electrical contractor company serves!

Electrical contractor RAM Promaster vehicle graphics

There are so many electrical contractors out there today but if you brand your fleet of electrical contractor vans and trucks, you're sure to stand out from all the rest!

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14. If your logo is so recognizable, RAM ProMaster vans are a great canvas to work with!

Vehicle vinyl lettering for RAM ProMaster

Some companies like the GC above have such recognizable logos it makes sense to place them in prominent places on the RAM ProMaster--and you'll gain all that extra storage space so they are great as work vehicles.

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15. If your fleet is still relying on old die-cut lettering and peeling decals, try vehicle wraps instead!

Fleet RAM ProMaster van graphics and wraps

Many of our customers come to us with fleet vehicles that have tons of useful life left in them, but the exterior decals and die-cut lettering is fading, cracking or peeling. Merge your RAM ProMaster cargo vans into one streamlined fleet with van wraps.

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16. If your contractor business is all about being patriotic with stars and stripes!

Vehicle wrap ideas for the RAM ProMaster

If your logo and corporate colors contain the stars and stripes of the American flag, why not use the RAM ProMaster's large canvas to create a 24/7 moving pictorial of your business?

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17. Need to lead diners to your new BBQ restaurant?

Food catering van wraps for RAM ProMaster

Many eateries are turning to vehicle wraps and graphics, especially if they offer catering. With the ProMaster van, you have plenty of room to include your slogan, motto and mascot!

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18. Let area residents know the type of roofing services you offer including repairs and fee estimates.

ProMaster van wraps for roofing contractors

Consumers rarely check out Yellow Page ads to see what roofing company they can trust. With RAM ProMaster van wraps, you have enough room to include that you are a licensed roofing contractor that offers free estimates.

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19. Let people know your pluming contractor business offers renovations and upgrades as well as repairs and maintenance.

Add mascots to your RAM ProMaster vehicle wraps

This plumber knows he can annouce not just new plumbing services but also repairs, renovations and upgrades--and still have enough room for his mascot!

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20. Invest in partial RAM ProMaster van wraps.

Smart vehicle wrapping ideas for the RAM ProMaster van

This cargo van offers so much space on each side, it's easy to invest in the more affordable partial van wraps and still get your message across--an effective branding tool.

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21. Or, wrap the entire van with graphics that reveal exactly what you do!

Full body vehicle wraps for RAM ProMaster

While partial van wraps are just as effective, if you opt for full van wraps, you can add additional graphics to aid in your marketing and branding campaign.

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22. Add real images to show off your landscaping services!

Landscaper RAM ProMaster van wraps

Vehicle graphics also mean you can embed images of some of your landscaping projects. Great for landscape contractors looking for new business.

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23. Show images of your office desks and other furniture products.

Delivery vehicle wraps for the ProMaster

If you sell and deliver desks, filing cabinets and other office furniture, why not display those images right on the sides of your van?

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24. Brand consistently by using the same images and graphics on your RAM ProMaster as you use for your interior signs, letterhead and other promotional items.

How to Brand with RAM ProMaster van wraps

If your lobby signs, directory and suite signs, letterhead, business cards and other promotional materials all use the same graphics, why not transfer them to your van wraps?

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25. Use the RAM ProMaster as your sign company vehicle just like we did!

Brand your sign company with RAM ProMaster Wraps and Graphics

This cargo van is not only packed with features and tons of room, it's also a great way to brand any business, including a commercial sign business.

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