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What is the Best Vehicle Wrap Design Software?

If you’re a graphic designer with a passion for creating eye-grabbing vehicle graphics and wraps, do you have a favorite vehicle wrap design software or are you still trying to make up your mind on which one is best? Here, we take a look at the top four along with the pros and cons of each.

Our Recommendations for Best Vehicle Wrap Design Software

Adobe Illustrator

Graphic Design features of Adobe Illustrator

A well-recognized name in the graphic design industry Adobe Illustrator design software touts itself as a “Vector-drawing environment for designing across media.”


Some of the pros of Adobe Illustrator include:

  • The Industry standard for Vector artwork.
  • Easily compatible with other Adobe programs.
  • Color profiling translates well.
  • Easy to draw and create a clean Vector image


With the pros of this vehicle graphic design program there are also some cons:

  • Limited art board.
  • Can be tricky with aligning objects.
  • Not easy to make an outline beyond the stroke.
  • Can be very overwhelming for a beginner.
  • Effects are not as good as Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop

Graphic design features of Adobe Photoshop

Also popular among graphic designers is Adobe Photoshop. According to their website they say this program offers “More freedom, speed and power to make incredible real images.”


With the newly included Adobe Generator, the pros include:

  • It’s the industry standard for Raster artwork.
  • Very versatile software.
  • Can import Vector images.
  • Easy to resize image size (canvas size, and DPI).
  • Easy to add effects.
  • The best way to clean up an existing piece of artwork to prepare for print.


The latest version of Photoshop Plus has little disadvantages to speak of except Vector images cannot be created in the program.


Graphic design features CorelDRAW

The newest version of CorelDRAW, Graphics Suite X6 offers tons of features for pro designers and those just starting out. Their website says CorelDRAW offers a “Content-rich environment” and that “You have everything you need to express your style and creativity.”


CorelDraw has been a popular vehicle graphics design software program for some time and some of the pros include:

  • Does many things that Illustrator can do.
  • Easier to get comfortable with if you are a beginner.
  • Easy to center and align objects (uses keystroke shortcuts).
  • Great weld tools.
  • Easier to select a single object than Illustrator.


As with other graphic design programs, the disadvantages include:

  • Limited art board.
  • Not many in the design industry use it.
  • Text is not always very clean.
  • Is not easily compatible with other Adobe design software.


Graphic Design Features FlexiSign

FlexiSign Pro is the last on our list of the best vehicle wrap design software but it doesn’t mean it should be your last choice. According to their website, this software is “Intuitive and powerful and its user interface has been long renowned for its ease-of-use.”


FlexiSign offers a complete solution for design and output of vinyl and digital print graphics and some of the pros include:

  • Quick and easy Vector creation.
  • Step and repeat commands.
  • Great weld tools.
  • Quick measurement assessment.
  • Unlimited art board.


With all the features FlexiSign comes with there are some cons including:

  • Not compatible with most other design software.
  • Color management going from one program to another is not always accurate.
  • Difficult learning curve.

We offered some screenshots within this post to give you an idea of the look and feel of each of these vehicle wrap design software programs. As with most all types of software, your choice may depend on features, ease of use and your design experience. It's also important to have the right vehicle wrap templates to ensure an accurate design.

One program may be best for beginners where the experts can tackle just about any of these vehicle graphics programs.

Need more information on each of these programs and how they work? We’re always happy to help our fellow graphic designers!


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