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What Are New Jersey's Commercial Vehicle Truck Lettering Laws?

New Jersey Commercial Vehicle Truck Lettering LawsTrying to weed through all the truck lettering laws for commercial vehicle trucks in New Jersey can be a chore. Here, you’ll find some of the basic guides commercial vehicles must follow according to the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. You’ll also learn some tips on using vinyl lettering, graphics and vehicle wraps to help promote and brand your business.

New Jersey Requirements

Code 11 of the State of New Jersey’s Commercial Vehicle and Registration ordinance lists the commercial truck lettering laws for commercial trucks (or tractors).

According to Code 11, “A commercial truck or tractor includes any motorized vehicle that is utilized for commercial purposes such as transportation of goods, wares and merchandise.” The law also applies to all commercial vans, trucks, box trucks and trailers. To clarify Code 11 if you own commercial vehicles, the basic include:

  • Identity - The vehicle must have a clear and visible sign or nameplate that reveals the name of the owner, lessor or lessee, and the name of the municipality where the owner, lessee, or lessor has his or her principal place of business.
  • GVWR – In addition to the business identity requirements, the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) or the combined gross vehicle weight rating (for vehicles over 26,001 pounds) must be placed on the vehicle.
  • Exceptions – There are some exceptions to Code 11. If the business has a USDOT registration number, the New Jersey rules for lettering do not apply. In addition if the business, lessor or lessee has 50 or more vehicles and is a fleet or a public utility, the lettering laws do not apply. If you feel your business falls in the exception category, you can obtain an USDOT number by calling (703) 280-4001.
  • Commercial Vehicle Requirements – If your business uses any sort kind of vehicle for commercial purposes on a street or highway—and the vehicles are not passenger automobiles or those belonging to a pharmacy to transport or deliver drugs—you must also display a name plate revealing the owner’s name, lessee or lessor name and the municipality where the business is located. Again, fleets of 50 or more commercial vehicles are exempt from this commercial vehicle lettering law.
  • Nameplate Requirements – Code 11 says the nameplate containing the required information must be at least three inches high for clear visibility.

Comply With NJ Lettering Laws and Advertise on Vehicles

There are some very effective ways to advertise and brand your business and comply with New Jersey truck lettering laws. These include:

Cut Vinyl Lettering

NJ Cut Vinyl Lettering

As seen in the image above, cut vinyl lettering is made from heavy-duty vinyl from reputable vinyl manufacturers like 3M and Avery. Along with following the commercial truck lettering laws for New Jersey, with vinyl letting you can also include the company name using your corporate typography (font). Vinyl lettering comes in a variety of sizes and colors to help get your commercial vehicles noticed.

Truck Graphics

New Jersey Commercial Truck Graphics

The image above includes both vinyl lettering and truck graphics. Vehicle graphics are very effective and can include a corporate logo or images of what your business does for brand building and memorability, all while adhering to the New Jersey commercial truck lettering requirements.

Partial Truck Graphics

New Jersey Partial Wraps and Vinyl Lettering

This solution, as seen above, uses vinyl wrap film to partially wrap your vehicle. These types of wraps are designed with lettering laws in mind and are a combination of vehicle wraps, vinyl lettering and graphics. A great solution to market and advertise your company.

Full Vehicle Wraps

New Jersey Commercial Full Vehicle Wraps

The ultimate solution that still complies with NJ commercial lettering laws is full vehicle wraps as seen above. These will create the most attention for your commercial vehicles as all sides are wrapped and include lettering, graphics and images. Although you can include your website address and telephone number with any of the other options, full vehicle wraps stand out and turn your commercial vehicles into 24/7 moving billboard advertisements that never stop advertising—even when parked.

The requirements for New Jersey commercial truck lettering can be confusing and Sunrise Signs is here to help. From vinyl lettering to graphics to partial truck graphics to full vehicle wraps, let us help your commercial business stay complaint and stand out above your competitors.

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