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3M vs. Avery: 3M™ Vehicle Wrap Removal Beats Avery™ (VIDEO)

3M Vehicle Wrap Removal Solution - Sunrise SignsThe vehicle wrap industry were wowed when 3M™ posted an April 2013 press release revealing a study showed 3M Controltac™ Graphic Film with Comply™ v3 Adhesive 1J180Cv3 beat out Avery™ MPI 1005 Supercast Easy Apply RS™ with Avery™ DOL 1060 Gloss during a vehicle wrap removal process. How much faster was the removal process? About 3.5 times faster!

Wrap Removal Study

The 3M Press Release reported independent graphic manufacturers were asked to wrap five Ford E250 vans—50 percent of each van’s surface were covered with the 3M wrap film and the other 50 percent used the Avery wrap film.

After the vans were out on the road for nine months, it was time for professional installers to put the vehicle wrap removal process to the test!

Installers removing the 3M film were able to remove the wraps on the average in 22 minutes, compared to the Avery installers where the average removal time was 76 minutes.  If you put that in square feet removal time, on average, the 3M vehicle wrap removal process was 14 square feet per minute compared to Avery’s 4 square feet per minute. The study also showed a big issue was that the Avery wrap film “tore into small pieces and required a significant amount of time to pick off from the substrate.”

Choosing the Right Vehicle Wrap Film

Although this vehicle wrap removal study is good news for installers and vehicle wrap companies, what factors should be considered when choosing wrap vinyl?

At Sunrise Signs, we’ve utilized both 3M and Avery wrap films and have been very pleased with materials from both manufacturers. Each manufacturer has a long history in producing vinyl films and it’s important to note the study was completed by comparing one film to another film—not the entire line-up of vinyl films from each manufacturer.

We asked our installers what points customers should consider when choosing a wrap film:

Clarity & Color – Wrap film material should be based on clarity and color vibrancy. A product from 3M may not hold the same clarity and color as an Avery material and vice versa.

Warranty – How long a manufacturer backs their vinyl films is another item to consider so customers should definitely inquire about wrap film warranties.

Durability – Our installers also said customers having their vehicles wrapped should ask how durable the vinyl films are. For example, how will the vehicle wraps look after one year, two years or five years? For short term promotions, wrap films offering the boldest and brightest colors may be best. For long-term (up to five years) vehicle wraps, the client should ask about the durability of wrap films and which will stand up in increment weather.

Installation Preferences – Vehicle wrap installers all have a personal preference from 3M and Avery—and for a variety of reasons. How easy are the installation process—and the removal process? Customers should also pose this question before having their vehicles wrapped—which wrap films do your installers prefer?

The Importance of Enlisting the Pros

3M vs. Avery Vinyl Wrap Films - Sunrise SignsEven with the 3M Press Release and their vehicle wrap removal contest, your best options for choosing the right vinyl film should include a consultation with professionals. These pros should include both the vehicle wrap designer and the installer.

Sunrise Signs prides itself on the vehicle wraps consultation we offer to all our customers—even repeat customers in case they desire changes.

Because vehicle wraps help build your company’s brand and advertise 24/7 even when parked, it’s time to consider them for your business fleet.

In today's competitive business world, business owners, fleet managers and franchise owners must find a way to stand out and above their competition. The best way to do this is by implementing a marketing solution that works.

Vehicle wraps advertising does work and just one wrapped vehicle can achieve up to 70,000 vehicle impressions in just one day. Isn't it time to brand your business?


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Video courtesy of 3M

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