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Where Can I Find Vehicle Wraps Training Courses and Certification Testing?

Where to find vehicle wraps trainingIf you love vehicles—or better yet—enjoy turning a car into something custom and unique, becoming a vehicle wraps installer should be on your list of top careers. Many auto wrap companies offer apprenticeship programs but almost every company seek employees who have obtained vehicle wrap training and complete required certification testing. So, read on if you want to be a pro at installing vehicle wraps.

What It Takes

Do you have what it takes to become a car wraps installer? Top characteristics include:

  • Expert attention to detail
  • Pride in workmanship
  • Great communication skills
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • The ability to work with others or on your own
  • Project collaboration skills
  • Problem solving skills

Along with the desire and skills above, below are three vehicle wraps training companies to consider.

Avery / Mutoh

Vehicle Wraps TrainingAvery Dennison has partnered with Mutoh America to offer a car wrap training program at many locations throughout the U.S. The program is a three-day course—the third day offers what sign companies will desire most—an exam to become an Avery Dennison certified installer.

In this three-day course you will learn:

  • Tools used for installation and cleaning techniques
  • Vinyl film properties
  • UGI system overview
  • How to cut edges and corners
  • Dealing with recessed areas
  • Alignment and layout skills
  • Dealing with mirrors and door handles
  • All about window perforation
  • What to do with bumpers and antennas
  • Problem solving skills for seamless wrap installations

If you opt for the three-day course and exam you will learn more about:

  • Vehicle wrap design
  • How to communicate with customers
  • How to work with vehicle templates
  • Converting artwork into wraps
  • How to estimate an price your jobs
  • Certification Exam

Beyond becoming certified as an Avery vehicle wraps installer, those who opt for the entire three-day program receive tools including:

  • NT Cutter A-551P knife
  • Avery Dennison Toolkit
  • 25 Yard of Avery wrap film
  • Martor safety box

All of the above tools are valued at over $1,000 so be sure to check the course schedule to find a class near you.  

Lowen Certified Training

Vehicle wraps installer trainingThe Lowen Training and Certification Center is located in Hutchinson Kansas in a 19,000 square foot facility. What’s great about Lowen is their unique training stations (see photos) equipped with the surfaces you’ll wrap once certified.

Lowen offers their own certification test and since 2011, they are also able to offer the 3M Preferred Graphics Installer exam and certification. Two courses are offered:

Lowen Certified/3M Preferred Graphics Installer’s Prep Training

In this three-day course you will learn:

  • Types of vinyl wraps films and application
  • Vehicle wraps instruction
  • Fleet graphics tutorials and application
  • Wall and rough wall wrap installation

*The above course does not include the vehicle wraps training certification exam.

Lowen Certified/3M Preferred Prep and Two-Day Wrap Combo Class

This five-day course includes the same as the above class but offers an additional two days that includes:

  • Walk through of the Lowen/3M test
  • Two days focused solely on vehicle wraps training
  • 3M Prep training
  • Certification exam

Check Lowen’s website for a training schedule.

3M Training

3M vehicle wraps training3M, a popular manufacturer of vinyl wrap films for the vehicle graphics industry and also offers training at their 3M Center in St. Paul Minnesota. Their three-day 3M Advanced Installation Training program includes:

  • Instruction by 3M Certified Installers
  • Vehicle wraps instructions, class discussion and hands-on training
  • Fleet graphics
  • Monitored practice to build skill level

3M certification tests are available at the 3M Center or one can choose testing at the Lowen training facility in Kansas due to the partnership of these two vehicle wrap training companies.

A Career Awaits You!

More businesses and fleets are opting for vehicle wraps advertising to build a brand and turn vehicles into 24/7 moving billboards. And, being 3M or Avery Dennison Certified is something vehicle wrap companies look for in a resume.

With this demand is the need for more certified vehicle wrap installers, so now is the time to learn a career skill that is not only satisfying, it allows you to use your creativity, thinking skills and the results are always fascinating and something you can boast about.


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