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Different Types of Vehicle Wraps: A Solution for Every Business

Different types of vehicle wrapsSunrise Signs probably receives more phone calls about the different types of vehicle wraps we sell more than another other customer inquiry.  It’s true there are a variety of choices and one is sure to fit any business, franchise or fleet owner. So, we thought we’d put all of the choices in one easy blog post.

The following solutions are all in a day’s work for the graphic designers and installers at Sunrise Signs and can be tailored to fit any budget and we only use quality materials from manufacturers like 3M and Avery. Further, all vinyl films are 100 percent removable and won’t damage paint.

Vehicle Lettering

Also known as truck lettering, vehicle vinyl lettering is much different than it used to be long ago. Today’s vinyl letters are made from heavy duty adhesive vinyl and come in a variety of colors. We always stock a huge inventory of vinyl inventory so we’re sure to have the color you need to match corporate colors, logos or other promotional materials.

Vehicle Vinyl Lettering for Inline Distributing Company

Forget about die-cast letters that peel and fade overtime. Our quality vehicle vinyl lettering packages are not only durable and stand up to weather, you don’t have to install them on your own. Don’t live near our location—not a problem because we can ship your vinyl lettering to one of our certified installers across the U.S.—and that’s all included in your price quote no matter where your businesses sits.

Lettering and Graphics

If you’re looking for more selections on different types of vehicle wraps, you can choose a vinyl lettering and graphics combo.

This combo selection is great for branding your business, franchise or fleet with colorful, stand-out lettering and then boosting the wraps with graphics. A graphic can be your logo, image of something pertaining to your industry as well as social media icons or QR (quick response) codes.


Vehicle vinyl lettering and graphics

A QR code advertising campaign is one of the hottest ways to advertise today due to the increasing number of smartphones. QR codes can promote, lead scanners to your website or discount coupons or a membership rewards offering—and yes QR codes work for both Android and iOS systems.

Social media is another arena where consumers are connecting with businesses. A whopping 65 percent of consumers said they would buy from a company that had a Facebook page. Combine vinyl lettering with social media icons and QR codes and it’s a win-win ad strategy.

Lettering and Partial Vehicle Wraps

Another type of vehicle wraps is our vinyl lettering and partial wraps combo pack. Here, we create wraps for an area of your vehicle our graphic designers think is best and partially wrap it. The unwrapped part of your fleet, business or franchise vehicles benefits from vehicle vinyl lettering to help you stand out and get noticed.

Vehicle Vinyl Lettering and Partial Wraps

This package is a great for all ad budgets and if you’re fleet is a little older, our graphic designers review them to determine the best place for the partial wraps to help rejuvenate your fleet vehicles.

Partial wraps complement vinyl lettering nicely and are matched with contrasting color, eye-grabbing vinyl lettering to announce your business and brand.

Full Vehicle Wraps

If you choose full body vehicle wraps, your entire vehicle is wrapped with a vinyl film imprinted with graphics, images, logos and text. Because full vehicle wraps cover the entire vehicle, this is a perfect choice for reviving older fleets.

Full body vehicle wraps

Even if your corporate vehicles are new, full vehicle wraps help to protect the original manufacturer paint so once removed, you’ll gain a higher resale value on your fleet vehicles—or trade in value.

The Best Choice

Sunrise Signs offers all of our clients a consultation so they can consider all the different types of vehicle wraps to determine which is best for their ad budget and marketing strategy. It is within this consultation we work with you and ask questions about your business and fleet to get a feel from your ideas (and ours) and then decide which solution is best for your company.

Throughout this blog post, we’ve shown you examples of all of the different types of vehicle wraps we offer and we also invite you to browse our design gallery. Another element we pride ourselves on is the ability to ensure that exact color matching and designs are created for every vehicle in your fleet no matter what manufacturer make or model. That means the designs on your work trucks are the same as corporate driven sedans or delivery vans.

Isn’t it time to stand out in the world of all one-color fleets? Give us a call at 1-855-USA-WRAPS or request a quote today.


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