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Brand Your Realtor Franchise With Real Estate Vehicle Wraps

Real Estate vehicle wrapsSignage on the lawns of your real estate home listings is a good way to entice buyers but with the real estate market so competitive, each agent needs to do as much as they can to build their brand. This is especially true for brokers and their franchised real estate offices. One way to get noticed is by investing in real estate vehicle wraps which will brand your franchise fleet—24/7, even when parked.

The Value of Car Wraps

It’s easy to see the value of real estate vehicle wraps. While we’ve offered up these statistics before, many realtors may not have seen them or know just how beneficial real estate car wraps can be.

  • A franchised real estate company would have to spend $130,000 in advertising to achieve the same effect as one $3,500 vehicle wrap.
  • Once wrapped, a vehicle can receive up to 70,000 visual impressions in just one day—real estate signs alone can’t do this—nor can traditional ad methods.
  • Unlike magnetic signs, real estate vehicle wraps can’t be stolen yet are still 100 percent removable and last up to five years.
  • Vehicle wraps help to protect original manufacturer paint so when it’s time to remove a vehicle from your franchise fleet, you’ll gain a higher resale or trade-in value.
  • Because franchise wraps can be removed, they are an excellent choice for brokers who lease their vehicles.
  • 95% of people surveyed said they remembered the graphics they saw on vehicle wraps.

While these statistics are exciting indeed, we came across an interesting case study from Alyssa White who is educated in print design and trained as a Media Broadcast Designer and her experience with real estate vehicle wraps.

Case Study of a Vehicle Wrap Project for a Realtor

Real Estate car wrapsIn Alyssa White’s blog post she revealed she took on the job as an Operational Leader to help agents market and advertise themselves effectively.

Her boss had visited a trade show and hooked her up with a vendor who offered what she called a “great quote for the (vehicle wraps) job.” When she received the initial artwork, she discovered the vendor “specialized in sign design…not car wraps.”

After “several conversations” and eight designs, Ms. White continued to portray she wanted “a design—not stickers!” She also pointed out what she truly desired in the real estate car wraps was to see “more depth, a design that was consistent with the look and feel of our website, balanced and utilized the space on the car—the entire canvas.”

Even after Ms. White found a company that did specialize in car wrap designs and was eventually pleased with the end result, she di point out even the so-called “expert” sign company “had some small print misspellings.”

Ms. White also offered the real estate car wraps advertising project meant that she had to be “accountable to some strict marketing disclosure regulations,” which led to “communicating corrections on multiple occasions.”

At Sunrise Signs, we would not only call this unprofessional but unacceptable!

Importance of Meeting the Client’s Needs

Franchise and fleet real estate vehicle wrapsAs with all of our franchise and fleet customers, our in-house graphic designers understand not only franchisor stipulations but also ask about advertising regulations to ensure designs are correct. Through an intense vehicle wrap consultation, Ms. White’s print misspellings, sticker feel, a consistent design that used colors that matched the Realtor’s colors and a balanced eye-appealing design that covered the entire canvas of the vehicle would not have occurred.

It’s pretty simple to see how even color matching is so important when it comes to nationally known Realtor franchise vehicle wraps. Branding is all about consistency and one of the first questions we ask our clients is to tell us about their corporate colors, logos and we also review their other promotional materials including their website.

You can’t build a franchise fleet with real estate vehicle wraps that don’t match in color and design. Further, the reason we pride ourselves in consultations with our clients is because the end result must be something they had envisioned in the first place.

Ideas for Realtors

How much do real estate vehicle wraps costIf you own a real estate agency with many agents working alongside you or if you are an independent, real estate vehicle wraps will grab the attention of customers as long as they are consistent. We also suggest qualifying brokers contact us on fleet discounts which they can pass on to their agents.

In a prior post, we’ve also informed many of our fleet customers how to obtain a business loan to cover the cost of the asset investment of vehicle wraps.

Instead of using magnetic signs, decals that aren’t seen or dealing with the problematic issues Ms. White discussed in her blog post, why not choose a nationwide sign company that does specialize in fleet wraps? We have access to a large inventory of wrap films from manufacturers like 3M and Avery and we save all designs digitally so reprints for additional fleet vehicles are never a problem and consistently match the branding campaign.

Learn more about the benefits of fleet real estate car wraps by calling us a 1-855-USA-WRAPS or click below for a free consultation.


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