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Stop Shopping Around for Universal Truck Graphics

Universal Truck Graphics for fleetsAttention fleet managers! Have you used more than one sign company for your vehicle graphics to save a bit and now they all look slightly different? That’s the problem with continually shopping for a different graphic and wraps vendor instead of finding the right one and allowing them to take care of all your universal truck graphics needs.

Spreading the Work Around Is a Bad Idea

There are tons of great signs companies like Sunrise Signs that utilize digital color matching to ensure your graphics and wraps are exactly the same each and every time. Then there are the sign companies who are extremely competent but don’t have a large wrap film inventory so they pick something close, get the graphics right and your universal truck graphics still look off. There are also sign companies that use inferior wrap materials where we only use heavy-duty vinyl from manufacturers from 3M and Avery.

The worst of the worst are the shops that say yes to every job that comes their way. The problem with this, especially for fleet managers, is by the time your entire fleet is wrapped, you may need a rebrand—they just don’t have the time. And, you know when fleet vehicles aren’t out on the road doing their job, that’s costing you money.

The Age of Advertising

Fleet of universal truck graphicsIt doesn’t seem to matter what city or town you live in, if you’re a fleet manager, you will see direct mailers and emails from sign companies promising the sky, moon and the stars—and the cheapest price if you switch.

We are all tempted with saving on our advertising budget; that’s human nature. But think about your fleet for a moment. Its job is to be out on the road working, hauling, delivering or shuttling and then there are those vehicles upper management drive.

Once parked for the night or even if many go in one direction or at various worksites, if they all look different, you’re confusing your target audience whether it’s B2B or B2C.

A company’s brand is all encompassing—much like the all and powerful Oz! The brand must be consistent in colors, logos and images—on everything from office interior décor to promotional materials to uniforms to business cards—and the graphics and wraps on your fleet.

But It’s Cheaper!

We get it, you’re still not feeling the love here. Price shopping for universal truck graphics is the way to go right? And, if you take your fleet to various shops, the amount of downtime is less right? Oh and as your boss sees the ad budget dropping a little you’ll be praised right?

Unfortunately the answers here are a solid no.

Fleet vehicle graphics and wrapsIf you price shop, you’re spending valuable time trying to find the lowest price and we always like to say with expert fleet vehicle wraps, if you find the cheapest ones, you’ll get what you pay for. Sunrise Signs offers affordable fleet wraps and the more vehicles you wrap, the more you save.

If you determine sharing the work with every sign company in your town, you can bet the farm no two vehicles will look the same when they come back. That’s why we’ve been so successful with our fleet wraps because of our exact design and color matching.

In reality, if you’re only looking to save money to make the boss happy, once your fleet is wrapped, how happy do you think he will be if no two look the same?

Using One Sign Company Makes Sense

We’re pretty sure we’ve convinced you relying on one sign company for all your universal truck graphics need is simply smart.

Where to find universal truck graphics and fleet wrapsWhat makes us stand out even more is if you already have a graphic designer, we’re happy to be the silent partner in the background to print and install your fleet vehicle wraps because we do have a large inventory of wrap films and heavy-duty commercial printers.

Then again, if you’re fleet is all white and void of any graphics and you have no real design in mind, we employ in-house graphic designers that are experts at what they do and we don’t start printing your wraps until we get your approval.

Finally, we have the team and the ability to get your fleet wrapped in a timely manner—we’re educated project managers and we follow a set plan approved by you to minimize downtime.

Forget the price shopping, looking for the cheapest sign company or trying to save a few dollars. In the long run, if all of your fleet vehicles match, your universal truck graphics quest is complete—all by Sunrise Signs—the best choice for nationwide fleet vehicle wraps.

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