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Want to See Some Pictures and Videos of Unusual Vehicle Wraps?

Unusual vehicle wrapsWe enjoy creating vehicle wraps with graphics to help businesses market and advertise. We’ve done some pretty unusual vehicle wraps in our day—even to help companies advertise. Still, we thought it was about time to put up a post on the most exciting and unusual; let us know what you think!

Groovy Pizza Delivery Vehicle

When we were first approached to wrap a PT Cruiser for a delivery vehicle for Peace of Pizza in Pennsylvania, little did we know how far our imagination (and our client’s imagination) would reach!

With most of the vehicle wraps in our “most unusual” category, we’ll offer a photo, but with this one, we just have to show you the video so you can gain the full effect of the transformation. Awesome right?

A Doll on a Car

When a thrift store is not a thrift store but more of a fashionista boutique, it shows! That’s what Dolled Up in New Jersey is all about.

We turned their Ford E150 Van into something the fellas enjoy seeing even if the store itself is dedicated to women’s gently used clothing.

Stunning and yes, these are unusual vehicle wraps!

Babes on a vehicle wrap

Decorating Your Car for Halloween with Vinyl Wraps

One of customers simply lives for October. Why? Halloween, that’s why! Don’t be scared by these wraps of skulls and the gruesome! Heck, just watch the video and you tell us what you think of this Halloween Mini Cooper car wrap. If you want to go all-out this year, do a Halloween-themed car wrap with Sunrise Signs.

Yes, Your Vehicle Can Convey What You Do!

Fibrenew is a leather and vinyl repair service in New Jersey and with this design, we wanted viewers to immediately understand exactly what this repair company does. Is that vinyl I’m seeing you may ask?

With our in-house graphic design experts, nothing is impossible! This is one stunning Chevy HHR.

Weirdest Vehicle Wraps

I’ll Take a Tattoo With That Wrap!

Empire Tattoo in South Jersey is also one of our favorites and does indeed fall into the unusual vehicle wraps category.

Combine Tattoo and Scion xB and what to do you get? The desire to learn more. This vehicle is hard to miss and we’ve been told the amount of tattooing going on over at Empire Tattoo has increased—no surprise here.

Wild vehicle wraps

When You Really Need Your Hummer H2 to Stand Out

On the average, most would say a Hummer H2 is one good looking vehicle all on its own. Ask BodyBlast Fitness and they’ll tell you their fitness centers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are getting noticed now that their Hummer H2 looks like awesomely cool and tougher.

It’s some Hummer H2 now and we especially like the camouflage look.

Vehicle wrap videos

When You’re Target Market Are Kids Only

Party Moon Bounce in Pennsylvania makes children’s parties come to life. Sure the parents are paying for their services but what kid wouldn’t notice these trailer wraps and beg for mommy or daddy to give them the best birthday party ever?

Lively and well, bouncy we say!

Party vehicle wraps

When a Grill Is All About Fish

How can a restaurant like the Goodfish Grill in New Jersey make 100 percent sure people know what to expect as far as food choices? Simple, take a PT Cruiser and wrap it up with the blues of the oceans and seas.

Pretty neat we think and can we take those crab fingers to go?

Good Fish Grill Car Wraps

Your “Unusual” Awaits!

We are proud of these unusual vehicle wraps and if you’re looking for the unique, the off-balanced, some exciting flair or the wildest of the wild, we can do that.

In fact, our quotes are free and our in-house designers are geniuses—at least we think so. Go ahead, request a quote.


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