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We Answer the Question: Are Vehicle Wraps Effective?

Are vehicle wraps effectiveMarketing and advertising are must-dos for every business. Ad experts say customer referrals only work if your customers are happy—or, they are only as effective as your last happy customer. Even happy customers won’t refer you after a period of time has passed because they may not remember you. Today we consider the question are vehicle wraps effective—they are indeed, combined with a precise marketing campaign.

The Away Team

If you’re a Star Trek fan, you probably remember all those away team missions where the men and women in the “red” shirts had little chance (if any) of returning alive. We don’t remember their faces or the actors who played them. They served their purpose and their roles were complete. The old idiom out of sight, out of mind applies here.

The same can be said of referrals if you don’t reward and engage your loyal clients. When clients refer you to their friends and family members, they do so because they were happy. In today’s world, while quality products and service are important, the biggest impact you have on consumers is your customer service strategies.

If you receive a referral, social media recommendation or a glowing online review, don’t treat these folks as part of “the away team.” Instead, reward them by interacting with them.  React to their reviews online and offer them a perk for the referral. If the referral was offline, call the customer and thank them.

Referrals alone, however, do not make for a total marketing strategy.


Vehicle wraps advertisingEvery ad strategy must include a plan that is consistent and memorable. Promotional materials must match your branding efforts and vice versa. You always need to remain forefront in consumer’s minds and ensure your business is the go-to business.

This is where the question, are vehicle wraps effective comes into play. Imagine your word of mouth referrals are awesome and you’ve been responsive and have engaged and rewarded those who referred your business. You’ve reached level one!

Next, combine your responsiveness with vehicle wraps advertising and you have a win-win ad strategy. “Wow I was very pleased!” and “Thanks we enjoy our customers” (online) and “Hey I used that company, they’re great” (noticeable vehicle wraps). Your customers are connecting the dots.

Connect Online, Engage Offline

Referrals, reviews and recommendations made online flow into brick and mortar businesses—of any kind. People do read and search for online reviews. Use your social media feeds to drive even more sales by placing the feeds of customer reviews, recommendations and testimonials right on your website. Also place images of your wrapped vehicles on every online venue you participate in—the more exposure online, the better.

Customer Engagement Ad StrategiesThe offline ad strategy here is investing in affordable vehicle wraps advertising. Because 95 percent of people surveyed said they remembered the vehicle graphics they saw, they’ll connect your wraps to your online presence—especially if you combine photos of your company vehicles wrapped with your brand.

Further, because they see your business vehicle graphics online, when they see your vehicle(s) on city streets and highways, the ad connection starts to click. In time, you will see a significant increase in online engagement and offline in-your-face-advertising. That’s what vehicle wraps do. They turn your business vehicles into 24/7 moving billboard advertisements.

Give Them Something Innovative

Vehicle wraps advertising is not only innovative, people can’t help but notice eye-appealing graphics. Their eyes are drawn to them and as we pointed out—they remember them. Having great customer service engagement and stunning vehicle wraps to always remain fresh in the mind of the consumer are effective ways to stay on top.

Advertising on carsWhat would you remember? A white business vehicle with no identity or a vehicle full of images, graphics, QR codes, slogans and social media icons?

If you don’t grab them in both arenas; online customer service and a continual ad campaign, you may be forgotten, see sales revenues drop and then be forced to play catch up to challenge your competitors.

So, are vehicle wraps effective? They certainly are if you use them in combination with other ad strategies. We’ve talked about online referrals but once you choose auto wraps advertising, make sure you also place the images of your wrapped corporate vehicles on flyers and brochures and direct mail campaigns.

The more ways you can find to introduce your business, the better. Vehicle wraps turn heads. They force consumers to look at them. They interrupt an activity. They offer a call to action that make consumers want to learn more. They find the area of the brain that saw your graphics in other ad arenas.

To truly learn how effective vehicle wraps advertising can be you must also consider choosing the right sign company who can design your vehicle graphics and also has the ability to print them and install them to perfection. Just as great vehicle wraps get noticed, so do bad ones.

Take on the challenge of combination ad strategies and do include auto wraps advertising. They are more affordable than traditional ad venues and because we offer free quotes, your challenge begins below! Go ahead, click the button, learn more and let us prove to you just how engaging vehicle wraps can be.


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