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How to Design Your Own Truck Graphics

Design Your Own Truck GraphicsExotic car skins and amazing vehicle graphics—it’s what many desire to personalize, advertise or show off their individuality. We get a lot of emails from people asking us is it possible to design your own truck graphics and the answer may surprise you.

DIY Truck Graphics

If you’re not a graphic designer, we’re not going to tell you to download a free vehicle template and have a go at it on your own. However, as far as designing your own truck graphics, that’s definitely possible with the help of a professional who will listen to your input, ideas and ensure the design is your vision, not theirs.

Possible DIY Mishaps

We are experts in truck wrap graphic designs and it’s also true there are a few websites where you can download free truck templates but for the most part, the model offerings are few and if you don’t have the exact template to match the model of your truck, mishaps will occur.

Let’s say you have a Ford F150 and all you can find is a free template for a Dodge Ram 1500—close enough right? Wrong!

Truck graphics and vinyl letteringAll pickup trucks have a cab and a bed and are of the single or quad cab variety but body lines are different and vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Even similar model lines from manufacturers vary. For example, a Dodge Dakota template won’t be the same as a Ram. Even a Ford F150 will have subtle design differences than the Ford F350.

Using the wrong template to design your own truck graphics will mean once you take the design to a professional to recreate it, where you’ve placed the graphics won’t align properly or run over. You may have come up with an awesome graphic for the side of your truck bed, but if you’ve used a template that has a larger truck bed than your model, the design won’t fit.

Even if the sign company “trusts” your instincts and prints the graphics, once you receive them, installation becomes an issue. Installation problems for truck graphics and wraps can often be traced back to the original design. Your graphics will look great until installation problems start to appear like misaligned seams. Further, generic templates will never account for any aftermarket elements added to your truck.

Designing with Experts

Full body truck graphics and wrapsWe have years of experience working with individuals who want to design their own truck graphics and we welcome and adhere to their ideas. Whether our clients want different graphics all over their truck or full body truck wraps like camouflage or alligator skins, we’ve been there to help.

We’ve also run with designs of a client’s vision or idea based on what they want to achieve. For many contractors and fleets, truck graphics are a way to turn their vehicles into 24/7 moving billboard advertisements.

We design based on your input with options from simple vinyl lettering to graphics to partial wraps to full truck wraps. Or choose our combo pack that includes vehicle vinyl lettering and graphics—always a great an affordable choice for small business owners that want to turn their trucks into moving pictorials of their business.

Individuality Breaks Through

A full service sign company is your best choice fo expert input and design process.  After all, it’s your vehicle you want to personalize or your business image and brand you want to build—not ours. So create that sketch or idea on a napkin or paper and let our in-house designers turn your ideas into the truck graphics you want.

Design custom truck graphicsSure we may make suggestions to ensure the truck wrap and installation are just what you imagined, but your original design idea is the one we base the project on.

As with many of our clients, their truck graphic ideas are transformed with the help of our expert designers and installers. Individuality in designs does break through from your imagination to our design team. Visit our truck graphics photo gallery to get an idea of what we’ve done for just some of our clients.

So to answer the question, can I design my own truck graphics—you certainly can! For personalization, to pump your ride or to advertise your business, truck graphics are exploding. Your free consultation is just a click away!


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