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Branding Your Fleet With Custom Semi-Truck Graphics

Custom semi truck graphicsIf your fleet of semi-trucks rolls down the highway with nothing to identify your corporate brand, you aren’t connecting with consumers whether it’s B2B or B2C. With custom semi-truck graphics, you begin to improve brand recognition with consistency and memorability.

Graphics and Lettering

The idea of wrapping an entire semi-trucks seems expensive and daunting—and although we are happy to take on this task at Sunrise Signs, we also like to offer our fleet managers options.

Beyond full semi-truck wraps, we offer:

Vinyl Vehicle Lettering – Don’t think of these high-quality and durable vinyl lettering options as what was used in the old days. Today’s vinyl lettering is made from top manufacturers like 3M and Avery. And, it’s not just a choice of black or white anymore—the color wheel is endless so don’t think of the old die-cut lettering that peels and fades. Instead, this option can brand your fleet of semi-trucks with recognizable lettering people will remember and notice.

Graphics and Vinyl Lettering – Another option is to choose an effective fleet branding combo—custom semi-truck graphics and vinyl lettering. The graphic choices can include anything from your logo to images of your products or services. Calls to action like Facebook and Twitter badges are also a good idea so consumers can connect with you online. Accompany the graphics with vinyl lettering revealing your website and toll-free telephone number are must-dos with this combo fleet branding package.

Custom trailer wrapsPartial Wraps – Custom semi-truck partial wraps also help turn your fleet into a 24/7 moving billboard advertisement.  Partial wraps made of heavy-duty adhesive vinyl endure weather of all kinds and with the exact color matching system we use at Sunrise Signs, we guarantee each of your semi-trucks will look exactly the same to help brand or rebrand.  Partial wraps can also help revive older semi-trucks so your corporate brand offers a great first impression—not one of an old, faded, no interest in our fleet impression. Partial wraps full of graphics combined with vinyl lettering will convey a fresh and proud fleet.

Fleet Brand Management

Fleet management is a broad task. From maintenance to fleet buying to deploying and overseeing, fleet managers have many duties. Along with custom semi-truck graphics, another way to brand your fleet is to wrap corporate vehicles to match your semi-trucks.

An example of this is what we’re doing for Atlantic Tool & Supply. They’re helping to build their brand through their fleet with trailer wraps, pickup truck wraps and corporate car wraps. As seen in the photos in this post, each vehicle receives digital color  matching based on the design premise and that design is transferred to each vehicle using vehicle templates.

Brand fleet with custom semi truck graphicsFleet branding is not new. When a UPS or FedEx truck pulls up, consumers “trust” the package  coming their way is important—the sender chose to utilize vessels whose brand screams reliability. A bland delivery vehicle doesn’t portray urgent, important or safe—by safe we mean these large and well-known shipping giants have taken the time to build trust and a connection with consumers.

A white delivery vehicle void of graphics never becomes memorable, recognizable or trusted. In fact, it can do the opposite—offer anticipation or concern.

Brand Extension

Fleet managers must think of their fleet vehicles, semi-trucks or otherwise as an extension of the corporate brand. Brand elements (graphics, wraps, vinyl lettering) must also match the company’s promotional materials, corporate vision and commitment.

Take the moving giant PODS. Their rectangular red logo is prominent on their trailers and they are using some of those trailers to boost a community commitment message—their partnership with the U.S. Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots program. This partnership not only engages the consumer, the graphic imagery of their promotional trailer fleet to promote this charitable cause becomes another brand extension.

Advertising with custom semi truck graphicsIt may be true you only get one chance to make a great first impression, however, because just one semi-truck blazoned with graphics will turn heads and can receive up to 70,000 visual views in just one day—you gain many chances to make a great impression,  change perception and connect with consumers.

Imagine a renewed convoy with branding elements that help to build your corporate brand using custom semi-truck graphics consumers will begin to recognize and remember—they do indeed become moving pictorials of your company.

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Image credit courtes of PODS

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