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Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Sales Pitches With Truck Graphics

Truck Graphics to make a sales pitchI started thinking about sales pitches and how much sales scripts and cold-calling are old fashioned—especially in the days of today’s savvy consumer. In reality, most consumers are well versed about the products or services they want. The Internet makes it possible to read blogs, research products and check our service reviews. But alas, with truck graphics, your sales pitch is never dead—in fact, the vehicle graphics make the “pitch” for you!

Deadly Sins of Sales Pitching

There’s a great article on by Eric Markowitz about the 7 Deadly Sins of Sales Pitching and to put a twist on these “sins,” I thought I’d look at each one and see how truck graphics and vehicle wraps compare.

1. Don’t Build Suspense

Here, the gist is if you offer up a fast pitch that doesn’t interest the customer, they’ll lose interest quickly. Telling stories is recommended—building up to the final pitch if you will.

With truck graphics and vehicle wraps, there’s no need to create a suspenseful story in order to get customers to think about your product or service. Graphics and industry images tell the story for you. As the consumer gazes at your graphics, their eyes may start with the graphics or images and next they see something they want or need. The suspense keeps going as they find your company name, your website, social media handle, QR code or telephone number—pitch complete.

2. Your Too Available

Advertise with Truck GraphicsHere, the deadly sin is being available 24/7 to all customers. You have all the time in the world to deliver the pitch. Markowitz quotes experts who say if you set limits on the time needed for the sales pitch, you’ll fare better. Maybe or maybe not but with truck graphics, which turn your vehicles into 24/7 rolling and mobile sales pitches, the time limit really doesn’t apply.

Your graphics are available all the time, even when stationary and for pitching—that’s a good thing!

3. You Scare People

By this, Markowitz is describing salespeople who speak above the customer and offer information they don’t care about. These type of people over-analyze the pitch and instead of speaking in words customers can relate to and win the customer, they lose them with fancy words and facts.

Truck graphics, on the other hand, don’t intimidate but entice! In fact, just one wrapped vehicle blazoned with graphics can gain up to 70,000 visual views in just one day—with imagery people can relate to.

4. You BS the Expert

As stated above, consumers are savvy. They have too many places online and in consumer magazines to review products and services. By the time they get to your door and you make the pitch, throwing in some BS is never a good thing—especially when a consumer is well-educated on the product or service.

Once again with truck graphics, there’s no BS—just graphics announcing your brand and what you do. This allow the customer to skip the BS and make the decision to connect with your business based on the attractiveness of the graphics on your vehicle wraps.

5. You’re Too Nice

Fleet advertising with truck graphicsOne wouldn’t think this would be one of the 7 deadly sins of a sales pitching but some customers are bottom line consumers—just the facts please and no, don’t ask me about my wife, kids or where I bought my suit because you want one.

Truck graphics may be “nice” to see but they aren’t pushy-nice—nor do they press the consumer into an unwanted conversation. They deliver by just being on your vehicle. No small talk required.

6. You Quote Dead People

Ever go to a car dealership or hardware store that has been family owned for decades? If so, you’ve probably heard the sales pitch that started something like this: “Back when Mr. Smith first started ABCZ Motors, he always said….” Customers don’t care about the founder, they want to know about what’s hot now and why.

Truck graphics on the other hand can offer a message about the past that entices consumers. Catchphrases like “Serving the Valley Since 1972” or “Family Owned and Operated Since 1968” are well received on vehicle wraps.

7. You’re Boring

Fleet truck graphics and wrapsUnfortunately many salespeople are boring. Staying compelling all the time is difficult if that’s not your general personality—sales is a tough job.

Again truck graphics win because they are never boring and because 95 percent of people surveyed said they remembered the vehicle graphics they saw, you gain a better chance of consumers choosing your company over the competitor with all-white vehicles void of graphics. So, you are never “boring” with vehicle graphics.

Vehicle Graphics Win

I feel pretty confident I’ve taken all these sales pitch never-dos and shown how with truck graphics, they need not even be considered, nor do they come into play when attracting a customer.

Tired of cold-calling and pitching? Take control of your market and reel them in with stunning, eye-grabbing vehicle wraps and graphics!


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