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Vinyl Lettering and Graphics: An Affordable Branding Solution

Van vinyl lettering and graphicsBefore full vehicle wraps were the rage, all sorts of businesses utilized lettering and decals to brand their company. Some fleets purchased vehicles in one recognizable color and added lettering and logos to help boost their brand identity. Today, however, vinyl lettering and graphics are much more durable than those of the past. If you looking for an affordable brand solutions, why not consider vinyl letter and graphics?

Branding Problem Solved!

Some of our fleet clients were very impressed with the Extreme Sprinter Van Makeover we did for Material Handling Supply. Before we touched this fleet, all of the vans were in need of updated lettering and graphics. The vans were red with fading paint and as far as graphics; the die cut vinyl lettering was peeling—just not portraying their company’s brand.

We tool those Sprinter vans from this:

Vinyl Truck Lettering 

To this:

Van vinyl lettering

Still, the revitalization of these Sprinter vans also included full vehicle wraps. However, because many fleet managers, business and franchise owners look for affordable ways to advertise on their vehicles, we wanted to offer the option of vinyl lettering and graphics, which are an inexpensive solution to full vehicle wraps.

3 Types of Vinyl Lettering

Sunrise Signs offers three types of vinyl lettering. The first includes lettering only using vinyl materials from top manufacturers like 3M. The second employs vinyl letters and graphics such as your logo, industry images and other graphics to help build you brand. The third option is using vinyl lettering, graphics and partial wraps where fleets, franchise owners and businesses can take advantage of wrapping part of their vehicles to help them stand out. This helps them take advantage of brand-building with vinyl lettering that is not only durable, these materials won’t fade and with so many color choices, the sky’s the limit!

The Importance of Brand Building

Truck lettering and graphicsMore than ever, today’s consumers are demanding brand names they recognize and trust. This is why branding has become so essential in today’s economic landscape. What some miss is what a brand actually consists of.

Your company brand is everything about your company from the products or services you sell to your employees to how you handle customer service. A brand is built on your vision and mission statements and from there it encompasses everything your company does. Branding isn’t just a logo or a catchphrase anymore. It is a process of consistency in everything you do including how your advertise and market.

That means promotions, community involvement, packaging and your vehicle fleet must be consistent to build a brand effectively and turn it into a brand consumers desire and trust—and a brand that is recommended and memorable.

Effective and Affordable

It is true that 95 percent of people surveyed said they remembered the vehicle graphics they saw. It is also true that by investing in effective and affordable vinyl lettering and graphics, they too offer much the same effect as full vehicle graphics and wraps.

And, because we only use top quality vinyl materials, our vinyl lettering and graphic solutions are 100 percent removable. In addition, our digital color matching system ensures all letters and graphics are exactly the same to enhance the brand consistency process.

Vinyl lettering graphics and partial wrapsThroughout this blog post you’ll see great examples of some of the things we’re able to do with vinyl lettering and graphics, whether it’s just lettering, graphics or our combo pack that includes partial wraps.

Full vehicle wraps aren’t for every fleet, franchise or business advertising budget. Vinyl lettering, on the other hand, becomes the inexpensive solution to ad budget challenges.

With years of experience in the vehicle wrap industry, we know our lettering/graphic/partial wraps packages are something that turn vehicles into 24/7 moving billboard advertisements that people can’t help but notice.

Today is the day to inquire about our affordable branding solutions! We make the process easy and can work with any budget—and bold, bright and noticeable vinyl letters and your industry graphics will garner attention better than any other advertising method out there today.

Your free vinyl lettering consultation awaits—simply click the button below to get started on your affordable and doable branding campaign!


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