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5 Must-Follow Tips for Small Business Owners for 2013!

Posted on Wed, Feb, 06, 2013

5 Tips for Small Business OwnersMy blog lately has focused on helping the small business owner with tax tips, how new healthcare laws will affect your business and how to succeed in business. Today, I thought I’d look back at how it all began for me here at Sunrise Signs and offer five tips for small business owners that will really make their businesses boom in 2013.

1. You Can Grow Faster Than You Think!

Small business owners have a big advantage over huge corporations. Why? Creativity and ideas don’t need to go through a board or marketing department before they are approved. For me, that is definitely true as my ideas of becoming an expert in the vehicle graphics and wraps industry has turned into custom and durable vinyl lettering, wrapping a vehicle at a trade show, partial and full vehicle wraps, color change vehicle wraps, fleet and franchise wraps and working with freelance graphic designers and ad agencies to turn their designs into noticeable, eye-grabbing wraps. As each opportunity or idea approached, I was able to make it a reality quickly by learning as much as I could and stepping up to the pump to provide my customers with a wide array of expertise. If an idea didn’t work, I quickly stopped it on my own—no need for others to decide.

When window, wall and floor wraps became so popular, I jumped on board. Various types of signs and banners are still a standard for my sign company but above all, being a small business owner afforded me the opportunity to delve into my passion—vehicle graphics and wraps. You too can do the same and grow quickly with smart and effective ideas no matter what industry you are in.

2. You Get to Choose Employees

As my business grew I realized to offer the best sign and vehicle wrap services out there, I needed top employees who shared my vision for the business. Small business owners can often skip the HR department and make decisions on who to hire and when to end an employee/employer relationship.

I learned I could choose the cream of the crop but I also learned in order to keep my employees happy and dedicated, I needed to offer competitive wages and engage my employees. Today, I’m happy to say I have a wonderful trusted staff and am also asking them to offer guest blogs such as the one Chris did for me on top questions about vehicle wraps.

As the owner of the business, I am also able to teach, train and offer a trade to my employees who in turn reward me each day with their dedication, ideas and creativity.

3. Realize the Power of the Internet

Small business owners need to use the Internet and Social MediaEven if you’re not Internet savvy, you need to realize (like I did) the power of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. You also need to blog on a regular basis. Today, I can happily say my blog posts are viewed by many—because not only do I offer vehicle wrap industry advice and hot topic blogs, I also offer tips on branding, marketing and advertising for small business owners everywhere.

You can do the same! Create a website, blog, and engage the public with social media. Social media also allows you to make great contacts in your industry—essential for all small business owners.

If the world of technology seems out of reach to you, hire someone to complete these tasks for you—it’s worth it in the long run. Today’s consumers seek out companies with a marked presence on the Web so get started!

4. It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

If you realize upfront that you will make some mistakes, you’re already ahead of the game. Whether it’s an idea that didn’t work, a vendor that failed you or a financial investment that turned sour, you will make mistakes and that’s okay!

This tip for small business owners is perhaps the most important because errors happen. Maybe a bid you gave was too low and you made no money on the job—you learn from these mishaps. If another company outbids you, find out why and revisit how you bid.

If anything is failing, you, as the owner, have the power to change it and although change can be scary, it’s also inevitable so rise to each challenge or mistake and make the changes you need to succeed.

5. Stay Focused on What You Do Best & Advertise It!

Marketing tips for the small business ownerYou became an entrepreneur because you had an idea and wanted to be successful. There’s no reason to keep reinventing the wheel if you do something better than anyone else and promote yourself and your company.

At Sunrise Signs, I know my team are experts in the vehicle graphic and wrap industry and while I could go in many other directions, I chose to stay on top of new trends and changes in my industry to stay focused on what I do best. I found hiring in-house graphic designers was prudent for me and so was being able to keep a large inventory of wrap films for my wholesale clients.

I’m also proud of the advertising and branding services I offer to others and employ myself. Times may change but my basic ideas, focus and business vision and mission will always stay the same. You too can do the same and the focus of your business should always be the keystone of what you do.

Need Advertising and Branding Help?

I am confident these five tips for small business owners will help—no matter the industry or location. It is true that small business owners founded America and they are still strong today.

My company can help you change how you market, brand and advertise your business. Let me show you just how affordable and effective small business auto wraps really are. Building your brand will drive sales. Once you have a strong customer base like I do, you can start to evolve and find the growth and success you seek.

Start Driving Sales With Business Auto Wraps!
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