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Why Truck Wraps Are the Best Way to Advertise

Truck wraps are the best way to advertiseSmall business owners, contractors, fleet managers and franchise owners often ask us what is the best way to advertise my business and build my brand on a consistent basis? There a lots of ways to get your name out there, however, the most effective way to a successful advertising campaign is reaching a wide audience.

How Far Is Your Reach?

Most successful entrepreneurs stay on top because they know how to market their business and understand consistency in branding is absolutely essential. Successful marketing strategies include taking advantage of Internet and Web solutions and traditional methods like newspaper and TV ads.

Unfortunately, for those just getting started in branding their business, a wide-reach ad campaign may be outside of your advertising budget.

In addition, ads in newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio ads for most small business owners aren’t evergreen. What this means is you pay for a Sunday newspaper ad and on Monday, that ad isn’t fresh anymore. The same is true for radio and TV if you can only afford a few spots based on your ad budget. When the ad is done, do is your branding message.

Further, demographics play a huge part in determining which ad venue to choose. When should the ad run and where? Who is the target audience and can advertising reps guarantee that audience will be reached?

Advertising is a tricky game but as far as brand building goes, the best way to advertise is by taking advantage of truck wraps, company car wraps and business auto wraps of all kinds.

Forget the Reach

How much do truck wraps costIf you use truck wraps and graphics for branding building you can in effect, forget all about reaching your target market—really!

Truck wraps and graphics, once installed on your company vehicles or fleet aren’t choosy about whom they target or where. They reach everyone—in all age groups and all demographics.

Just one truck wrap can achieve up to 70,000 visual impressions in just one day—no other advertising medium out there today can do the same.

What about billboards you say? Or what about large metropolitan newspapers with a high subscriber rate? We would agree it’s possible to reach a wide audience with these ad venues, the problem is their “selective audience.”

For example, if you own a cleaning company and you want to reach homeowners, advertising in a national publication might not offer you reach unless you pay for expensive full-page color ads in the home section.

If you offer IT or tech support services, a billboard ad will only be “noticed” and “remembered” by the drive-by audience who utilize or need these services.

The best way to advertise using traditional ad methods is to offer a solution to your target market with memorable graphics and imagery within the ad. This is where business truck wraps come in. They not only build the brand, they also instantly find the target market.

With truck wraps, because they are so engaging and 95 percent of people surveyed said they remembered the graphics they saw, you can throw the demographic reach out of the window so to speak—everyone sees them and everyone remembers them.

Pizzazz with a Message

Brand your business with truck wrapsWhat would you remember? A one-dimensional newspaper or magazine ad or three dimensional truck wraps with graphics and imagery announcing a company’s brand? Do you have bland company vehicles or one that offer a great first and memorable impression?

Whether your company vehicles are driving the streets or freeways of your city or town or are stationary—truck wraps get noticed. The ability to see the graphics and designs we create here at Sunrise Signs from all sides including the front and rear and cab of your truck is one of the best ways to advertise for any business—large or small, fleet of vehicles or only one.

Stop worry about the “target” and reaching the right audience and instead, let us show you how truck wraps are not only visible to all, they turn your vehicle into a 24/7 moving pictorial of your business. And, truck wraps cost less than any other ad medium out there and for small business owners, that’s a necessary business budget must!

Think truck wraps, it they aren’t branding, we don’t know what is!

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