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Advertise in the Home Health Care Industry With Vehicle Wraps

Home health care industry vehicle wraps

According to the National Association for Home Care and Hospice, “approximately 12 million people in the U.S. require some form of home health care.” In addition, there are also “more than 33,000 home health care providers” making it a very competitive field. From the large-scale hospital or clinic-owned to the small independent certified home care providers, in order to reach your target market, you must pay attention to the best ways to advertise in the home health care industry.

“Healthy” Connections

Marketing experts offer great tips on advertising a home health care business. Most of these are geared toward connecting with medical professionals such as:

Surgical Centers - Reach out to patient discharge managers in these facilities. Many surgeries require both short and long-term in-home care needs and if you connect with these centers with promotional brochures that not only offer a list of your services but also your licensing numbers and the types of insurances you accept, all the better. If you’re a Medicare certified provider it’s important to include that information in your promotional materials.

Specific-Condition Doctors – Find doctors who specialize in internal medicine or specific diseases like Cancer or Diabetes. Get your foot in the door with these doctors by first contacting their office manager, physician’s assistant or lead nurse.

Senior Daycare Facilities – Many families who utilize senior daycare centers also find they need in-home health care services. Make sure you’re a preferred provider for these facilities by visiting them and explaining what you can offer.

Making connections with medical and surgical providers are a great way to advertise in the home health care industry.

Moving Pictorials of Your Business

How to advertise in the home health care industryCompliment your promotional brochures with vehicle wraps and graphics and create a moving pictorial of your business—this is an excellent way to advertise if you’re in the home health care industry.

Vehicle wraps advertise 24/7 and just one wrapped vehicle can receive up to 70,000 visual impressions in just one day.

Sunrise Signs has helped in-home health care providers stand out and get noticed above their competitors with eye-grabbing and memorable auto wraps.

Along with the images you see throughout this post, learn more about what we did for both Seniors In Place and Home Instead Senior Care and Family First HomeCare to help drive sales.

Home Health Care Is a Business

Entrepreneurs who choose the home health care business are made up of compassionate, caring people but just like any other business—you must advertise to build your brand and reach your target market.

With auto wraps and graphics you can combine your logo and promotional items by embedding important elements on your home health care vehicle wraps.

Vehicle wraps also offer:

  • Exact, digital color matching for fleets; vehicle graphics help to build a noticeable brand.
  • 95 Percent of people surveyed said they remembered the vehicle graphics they saw.
  • Auto wraps advertising for the home health care industryPlacing images of your industry services right on your vehicle wraps instantly offers what you do.
  • As your wrapped vehicles travel from home to home or on outside trips you offer such as prescription pickup or grocery shopping, you get a form of advertising that never stops working—even when parked at the client’s home.
  • Viewers who need in-home care services will remember your business over the bland white vehicle void of graphics.
  • Vehicle wraps help to portray your professionalism in the home health care industry.
  • Wrapping your home health care fleet is smart because vehicle wraps last up to five years and are 100 percent removable. That means when it’s time to retire a fleet vehicle, because wraps help to protect original manufacturer paint, you’ll gain a higher resale value.
  • Wrap advertising creates a continuous revenue stream and is much more affordable than traditional ad methods like newspaper, radio or TV ads.

Sunrise Signs has years of experience in the auto wraps industry and can deliver and install our wraps nationwide.

Making the right connections and taking advantage of noticeable vehicle wraps is the best way to advertise in the home health care industry. Let us show you how to market your business brand and reach your target market so when home health care is needed you are the business forefront in the consumer’s mind.

home care vehicle car wraps


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