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How Effective Is Industrial Fleet Vehicle Wraps Advertising

How effective are fleet vehicle wrapsIndustrial companies selling warehouse equipment, machinery and manufacturing equipment still need to advertise and build a brand. Recently, here at Sunrise Signs we offered Material Handling Supply, Inc., a provider of warehouse lifts and other equipment with a great solution for their advertising campaign—fleet wraps. Sunrise Signs has designed, printed and installed many fleet vehicle wraps but in this blog post we wanted to focus on industrial fleets and just how effective fleet vehicle wraps really can be.

The Big Three offers some tips on industrial business advertising and suggests three important elements should be analyzed before you determine the best ad method.

These three elements include looking at trends in industrial advertising—including that of your competitors, finding the right type or venue to advertise effectively, and to seek out help from professional marketers and advertisers to aid you in creating a great ad campaign.

As far as element three—let Sunrise Signs be your expert in marketing and advertising because we have the knowledge and experience in both.

With operating expenses being cut in all size industrial companies and on all levels, often ad campaign solutions may become the responsibility of a small committee or a single department head.

Still, the need for industrial advertising remains and big or small, local or regional, or nationwide, those that fall in this category will achieve a lot with organized advertising that has a purpose. That’s where fleet vehicle graphics and wraps come in.

Measuring the Effects of Fleet Wraps

We ran across a whitepaper by Ryan Hubbard of ARD Ventures, “Measuring the Value of Vehicle Wraps: A New Segment of the Outdoor Advertising Market” that piqued our interest.

We have been touting tons of statistics on fleet wraps—all of which you can find in our One-Stop Guide to Fleet Vehicle Wraps and Mr. Hubbard’s whitepaper focused on some of those statistics but also pointed out a few more we thought we’d convey here—some we agree with and some, not so much.

How much do fleet wraps cost

The Hubbard Principle

Hubbard points out two interesting facts about vehicle wraps. The first was in 1993 when SuperGraphics, Inc. wrapped an entire bus with “a new adhesive product introduced by 3M. The result was a moving pictorial advertisement for Crystal Pepsi which viewers considered “a nice distraction” from the “average city bus.” Not only was this “nice distraction” form of advertising a great idea, it was also chosen based on the “lack of outdoor advertising space,” which still remains a problem today.

Hubbard goes on to say of vehicle wraps and graphics, “…they put the message in front of target consumers” and “provide the opportunity for direct consumer contact through other promotional tactics and ad mediums.” To determine their effectiveness, Hubbard turned to the most popular ad medium since its inception—television ads and the demographics each ad is deemed to reach. For example, a TV ad may reach “targeted” viewers 3.0 times in frequency meaning during a four-week period (on the average) the TV ad will be seen by the targeted viewers three times. That’s a lot if you consider the targeted viewer but with fleet vehicle wraps, you don’t necessarily have to be concerned with finding your target viewers. Why? All age groups, sexes and demographics are offered the same chance of viewing the fleet wraps—not just a “targeted viewer.” And, just one fleet wrappped vehicle can receive up to 70,000 visual impressions in just one day. 

While Hubbard looks at various ad elements and trends, he waits until near the end of his whitepaper to offer up the effectiveness of fleet vehicle wraps—and those statistics are very much like the ones we offer here at Sunrise Signs. They are also not his own stats but those of the trusted American Trucking Association whom we often quote:

  • 96 Percent of consumers noticed truck-side ads
  • 98 Percent said fleet graphics created a positive image for the company
  • 95 Percent said fleet graphics had more impact than billboards
  • 75 Percent of people developed an impression about a company and its products
  • 29 Percent said they would base  a buying decision on that impression

Statistics reveal the truth of fleet wraps advertising—they work because they can’t help but get noticed.

Fleet wraps are affordable

The Sunrise Signs Principle

Fleet vehicle wraps are the here and the now of fleet advertising. They are the “get my company noticed” best return on your ad dollar investment form of advertising

Turn this...

Sprinter Van fleet wraps

Into this...

how to advertise with fleet vehicle wraps

We think we’ve offered fleet managers and owners something to think about in this post—most importantly, what’s better—the chance of your company building a brand and getting noticed via non-evergreen TV ads or noticeable, memorable, eye-appealing fleet wraps?  We think the latter is true.

Let Sunrise Signs brand your industrial fleet much like we did for Material Handling Supply—check out their extreme Sprinter van wrap makeover and forget about over-analyzing fleet wraps—they work, they get noticed and they help to build your brand—and once your fleet is wrapped, go ahead, put the wrapped fleet in your TV ads—beyond the thousands of visual views you get in one day on the highways and streets—combining ad methods won't hurt right?


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