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Bus Wraps: Affordable, Smart, Savvy and a Great Way to Advertise!

Bus wraps advertisingThe world of vehicle wraps and graphics is exploding—even buses and bus shuttles are taking advantage of this unique and affordable way to advertise with bus wraps. Still, some organizations offering shuttle services need a little convincing on why bus wraps will get their business noticed—we’re here to let you know just how they are much more affordable than traditional advertising methods.

Wraps with a Purpose!

One of our clients taking full advantage of bus wraps for shuttle services is South Jersey LIFE. We wrapped Diamond Coach Ford buses for them and not only are they able to pick up and return home the elderly clients they serve, the services they provide are getting vast attention with the graphic imagery embedded onto their bus wraps.

Just one bus wrap can achieve up to 70,000 visual views in just one day! For New Jersey LIFE, those looking for quality senior daycare need only view their buses one time and their services are remembered and tempt consumers to call. And, because 95 percent of people surveyed said they remembered vehicle and bus wraps graphics, the chances of finding your target market improve dramatically.

Buses and Shuttles and Vans Oh My!

where to find bus wrapsWhile we are experts at bus wraps, we have also offered “shuttle-type” vehicle wraps for various purposes on many types of vans. The Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation took advantage of wrapping their modified Ford E250 van to help outpatient clients needing after-surgery rehab get to their clinic.

The Gloucester County Community Church now has a 15-passenger Ford E250 van ready to shuttle church members to events outside of the church.

Home Instead Senior Care is reaching more and more clients and building a brand with their HHR vehicle wraps. They use these vehicles to travel to seniors’ home to provide in-home care and because vehicle and bus wraps advertise 24/7 and turn your vehicles into a moving pictorial of your business they can’t help but be noticed—even when stationary!

In Pennsylvania, Porsche of the Main Line is using Ford E250 van and VW GTI vehicle wraps for vehicle roadside assistance so their technicians can get to clients stranded on the road.

For shuttle, delivery, pickup and even roadside assistance, bus wraps and other vehicle wraps and the graphics they provide will build your brand, get your franchise noticed or gain name recognition—especially with fleet bus wrap graphics—and the more vehicles you wrap, the more you save at Sunrise Signs.

Advertise Smartly

How much do bus wraps costThere’s no reason to think bus wraps are out of your advertising budget reach. At Sunrise Signs we offer both partial and full bus wraps and our in-house graphic designers will work within your budget. We also provide free quotes and our vehicle wraps consultation process is by far the best in the industry.

Statistically speaking a business would have to spend $130,000 in advertising dollars to achieve the same effect as one $3500 vehicle wrap. If you have buses that need wrapped for shuttle and delivery needs, you will spend more than $3,500 in advertising in the upcoming year. Whether you choose the one-time bang of print ads or television or radio spots (which cost more) none of these advertising and marketing venues will reach the audience as much as bus wraps do—at a fraction of the cost!

Beyond bus wraps, your organization may use modified passenger vans, vehicles for pickup and delivery or as a way to get to your clients and offer the products or services you provide.

Bus wraps and vehicle graphics are simply smart so instead of wondering where to get bus wraps to advertise your business and drive sales and get noticed, give Sunrise Signs a call and jump on the bus wraps advertising bandwagon! You’ll be glad you did and a on a final note: How many bus wraps or graphics did you see today while out on the road? We bet you remembered them! 

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