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Our Favorite Red and Green Business Vehicle Wraps for the Holiday Season!

Posted on Mon, Dec, 24, 2012

Red and green business auto wrapsSunrise Signs wishes you and yours a Happy Holiday Season and prosperous New Year and to help celebrate we thought we’d round up some of the favorite red and green business vehicle wraps pulled right from our Success Stories!

About Red and Green and a Great Pantone® Resource!

We turned to Color Wheel Pro and our in-house graphic designers to find the symbolization behind red and green to help us determine why these colors are so hot for vehicle wraps and graphics.

Red – This bright color represents fire and blood, energy, strength and power and determination. It can be emotionally intense and highly visible—making it a great choice for vehicle wraps and graphics. Those with courage like firefighters wear and choose red for their fire trucks. We know to halt, stop, and look from the reds we see in stop signs and traffic lights.

Red is the perfect color for logos and text embedded on your vehicle wraps because it stimulates consumers to make quick decisions on choosing your business like “family owned since 1960” or “scan this QR Code” or “contact us” followed by a bright red telephone number.

For the sporty or adventurous, red is seen in racecars, in many nail polishes and offers an all-around can do attitude—our product  is “powerful” or our service will “protect.”   

Small business vehicle wraps advertisingGreen – The green of money may come to mind first but this color also offers a message to “go” and do something—make a difference and be ambitious!

Not only can various shades of green be highly visible and a great choice for vehicle wraps and graphics, green is also nurturing and nature driven and the many shades of greens we see in all shrubbery, trees and lawns warm us and make us want to be environmentally-friendly.

Green is truly “evergreen” meaning once placed on business advertising auto wraps, it helps build your brand consistently—“Hey, I remember that green logo!” It is the favored color for the internationally-known recycling logo.

For new and changing businesses, green car wraps can offer freshness and growth. Contractors and the construction industry know green means safety first and because green is also know to convey stability and endurance—this color from the light to the bright to the dark can display your business is ready to take on the challenge, save the environment and be ready to go in an instant.   

Pantone® Color Guide – For those business owners that want to really explore what red and green imagery, graphics and vinyl wraps can do, the Pantone® Color Guide is a great book resource. A promo for this color guide book reads of color guidelines and illustrations:

The book “can be applied to so many of your projects…branding, packaging, signage, point-of-purchase, displays, advertising, logos, websites and more!”

Our Work with Greens and Reds

nationwide business auto wrapsOur in-house graphic designers work with every client to help determine the best designs for their business auto wraps from fleets to franchises to single vehicle business vehicle wraps. Some of our clients have an “idea” of what they want or ask us to enhance their brand by showcasing their green or red logos and calls to action and for those who aren’t quite sure, we ask the right questions to ensure each and every business auto wrap is perfectly designed!

Above all, our designers know greens and reds complimented by other colors will help gain the visual views, offer the “wow” factor, provide memorability and convey the vision, mission and goals of a business.

Throughout this post we have provided images of some of the reds and greens we’ve utilized for our business auto wrap clients and while every vehicle wrap we do is a well-thought out and planned project (because we are experts), we hope these images help you make the decision to turn your small business advertising strategy around in the coming year!

DocuVault – For this Gloucester County Company specializing in document storage and save-the-planet-shredding services we went big with bold reds and blacks in their trailer and van wraps. As they state in their motto, they have been “Storing and shredding documents before it was green” and their Chevy van wraps and box trailer graphics are indeed getting noticed. Wrapping more than one vehicle with color matching consistency helps build a brand identity and DocuVault is doing just that!

Dean’s Greens – For this New Jersey garden, nursery and floral center we used the best of the best with both reds and greens in their Ford E-Series van wraps. The way the red and green flow together in these business van wraps portray clearly what they do and Dean’s Greens also took advantage of a QR (quick response) code as a call to action so smartphone scanners can quickly find their website—smart business advertising!

Got Laundry – One might not think this family-owned pick-up and delivery laundry service in Philadelphia would benefit from the color red—what does red have to do with laundry? But these Chevy Astro van wraps takes advantage of using bright red in imagery and text to grab the attention of consumers everywhere. The reds and greys blend nicely in these business van wraps with a large red laundry pin and telephone number and a bottom eye-grabbing red border. We have some amazing before and after pictures in this Success Story so be sure to check it out!

Holiday vehicle wraps and graphicsJunkluggers – New York City and parts of New Jersey and Connecticut can now get rid of junk the easy way with Junkluggers! This trash hauling enterprise wanted to build their brand using car wraps because as we all know, cars are much better to drive around on city streets! While they use larger vehicles to haul away trash, recycle and donate trash, their two Fiat 500 Cruisers are hard to miss with green, white and black vehicle wraps—even the hubcaps got some graphic attention! Fleet consistency in color branding again helps this Earth steward enterprise go forth, be green and save the planet!

That’s a Wrap!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our “seasonal” blog post on just some of the red and green vinyl wrap projects we’ve completed for our clients! We hope you’ll browse all of our Success Stories—once you do, you will be convinced business auto wraps advertising is the way to go to build a brand, get noticed and remember, just one wrapped vehicle can provide up to 70,000 visual impressions in just one day!

We Hope You Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season! 


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