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Top 3 Small Business Advertising Mistakes: Auto Wraps "Fix" All 3!

Posted on Tue, Dec, 18, 2012

Top 3 business advertising mistakesDo a Google search on the most common mistakes made in small business advertising and you’ll find a lot of articles with many similarities. For example, not tracking your ad campaigns and not following through with leads are two common areas where the small business owner fails in ad strategies. While these are the most common, most small business owners are already aware of these mistakes and here at Sunrise Signs, we’ve compiled what we think are the never-dos when it comes to your small business advertising.

Website Faux Pas

When researching the never-dos, we couldn’t believe how many websites we found that weren’t tight, compact and engaging. On some websites, we had to scroll right (or arrow right) to even read the small business advertising mistakes to avoid—Internet users hate scrolling from side to side to finish reading a sentence.

Another big website mistake is having great SEO and keywords so your business is found but once the online user enters your website, you don’t have anything to “engage” the customer. What do we mean by engaging? Are there any clear calls to action where folks can click on product or service savings, whitepapers or resource links for customers? Free downloads or a newsletter sign up?  Is your website void of an “About us” page?

If you’re not a website builder, and that’s okay, allow a professional to help you turn your website around!

Not Focusing on Your Expertise

Small business auto wrapsMost businesses are conceived by one idea for a product or service. Once the business is up and running, however, too many entrepreneurs attempt to go in too many different directions. For example, if you area of expertise is industrial cleaning services and you’re succeeding at that, don’t just jump into the landscaping maintenance field until you have the staff and expertise to offer those services.

The same could be said for a plumber who has served a target market well and suddenly thinks they should offer electrician services but has no skills in the area. It’s okay to partner with other contractors to boost your sales, but never delve into another arena unless you’re sure you can offer what you promise.

Ever see a small business ad where it seems they are selling everything under the sun? These confuse customers and they will seek out businesses that focus on one area of expertise. This doesn’t mean you can’t expand your business—just do it when the time is right and be sure the new product or service you offer aligns with your original goals. At Sunrise Signs we are experts in vehicle wraps and graphics from designing to installing but we also offer services to freelance graphic designers who may need help with printing and installation services. This wholesale to the trade service still aligns with our area of expertise and doesn’t fall into the area of the unknown or unskilled.

Repetition and Consistency

Probably the biggest small business advertising mistake is not continuously repeating your ad efforts or simply choosing to skip advertising altogether. Word of mouth will not bring in as many clients as you think it will so first off—you must advertise!

Vehicle wraps and graphics for small businessesIn addition, small business owners are very often the victim of too many ads in many arenas instead of focusing on the ad venues that will effectively reach their target market. You can’t put all your advertising dollars into one basket but you can’t spread them around too much either.

How and where you advertise and ensuring the message and ads are consistent is key if you want of build a brand identity and gain consumer trust.

That’s why employing small business vehicle wraps and graphics should be an integral part of your small business advertising plan. With business auto wraps, because you can achieve up to 70,000 visual impressions with just one wrapped vehicle, you don’t need to worry about “reaching” your target audience because vehicle graphics reach all age groups and all demographics.

Business vehicle auto wraps can also consistently align with your other advertising strategies by being exact in the message, colors and themes. Your weekly newspaper ad and auto wraps can be similarly aligned so viewers get the message and remember you when it’s time to buy. And, because 95 percent of people surveyed said they remembered the vehicle graphics they saw, it your other ad tools align consistently with your auto wraps you will win the customer.

Steady Success

car signs and auto wraps for small business ownersSo, we’ve “wrapped” up what we think are the top three small business advertising mistakes but all of the are easy to fix. If you provide great calls to action and have an engaging website, focus on your area of expertise and build a brand before you expand and advertise carefully and consistently, your advertising campaign will be smart and successful.

Auto wraps for the small business owner can “fix” all three of these common advertising mistakes—they can provide a call to action to your website with a QR Code, they can clearly list your expertise with imagery and text and because they are so noticeable investing in this ad strategy will drive sales!

Sunrise Signs can help with the business auto wraps so realign your advertising goals and then give us a call; click on the call to action button below and let’s talk business auto wraps!


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