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What Is a Truck Graphic and How Can They Advertise Your Business?

Posted on Mon, Dec, 17, 2012

Advertise with box truck graphic wrapsIf your business has a company truck whether it’s a box truck, a pick-up truck or a trailer truck, it can benefit from the insertion of a truck graphic—or graphics. Because 95 percent of people surveyed said they remembered the graphics they saw on vehicles, investing in truck wraps and graphics can do a lot for your business!

Truck Graphic Defined

At Sunrise Signs, we employ expert graphic designers and essentially a truck graphic is artwork printed on vinyl film wraps via our heavy duty printer. The wraps are then installed on your truck and not only do they last up to five years; they are 100 percent removable and help to protect original manufacturer paint. They can even be used on uneven surfaces like large trailer trucks.

A truck graphic can be your logo, images of the products or service your business offers, a QR (quick response) code, a catchphrase, graphic lettering—just about anything your business wants to convey via vehicle wraps advertising.

Trailer truck graphic and wraps advertisingLearn more about vehicle wraps and graphics in our helpful and free tools:

Truck Graphic Benefits

We already told you how many people remember graphics once they see them (95 percent), but here are additional benefits to use truck graphic advertising:

  • Truck graphics turn your vehicle(s) into 24/7 moving billboard advertisements that never stop working, even when stationary.
  • Depending on the ad purpose, a truck graphic can be used for promoting a new product (short-term graphics) to a full scale branding effort of your business or long-term graphic wraps.
  • 3M, a vinyl film manufacturer reports a company would have to spend $130,000 in advertising dollars to achieve the same effect as one $3500 vehicle wrap with graphics.
  • You are sure to reach your target market, no matter what age group because unlike magazine or newspaper ads geared toward certain age groups, every age group from the young to the old will see your truck graphics as they drive the city streets and freeways in your area.
  • Embedding a truck graphic makes your company name recognition 15 times greater.
  • If your business trucks are void of any graphics, by using truck graphics and wraps, you will stand out in the all-one-color crowd on trucks on the road.
  • Truck graphics are more affordable than any other advertising method out there today:
Truck graphic ad campaigns for business owners

Advertising with Truck Graphics

Truck graphic advertising ideas made easyWe’re sure by now you’re convinced implementing a truck graphic advertising campaign will boost your brand and drive sales. At Sunrise Signs, the truck graphic process is very easy. First, we setup a free consultation with one of our in-house graphic designers who analyze what you advertising needs are in depth by asking questions such as the purpose of the campaign, your business vision, mission and future goals.

Next, the artwork process begins and once you approve the artwork the truck graphics are printed on heavy duty adhesive vinyl wrap film—and we only use high-quality wrap films from companies like 3M and Avery. Once printed, we can either install at our location or you can choose to have the graphic wraps shipped to one of our over 250+ nationwide, certified installers.

The final step is getting your truck out of the road and people will notice your truck graphics. Even if they may not need your product or service immediately, they will remember your company’s name when they do need what you sell.

Ready to start a truck graphic advertising campaign? Your effective marketing strategy is just one click away!


Drive Sales With a Truck Graphic Ad Campaign!

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