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Small Business Advertising Tips and Why Auto Wraps Work!

Posted on Thu, Dec, 13, 2012

Small Business Advertising Tips and IdeasAuto wraps, vehicle graphics, car signs—these are all great tools to advertise any kind of business from the already established to the brand new. In this post, not only will you find some must-have tips for small business advertising, you’ll also find out why auto wraps work and are a perfect solution for any kind of advertising strategy.

Advice From the Experts

SCORE, a division of the Small Business Association offers a great article, “Understanding the Lure and Limits of Advertising.” What this post reveals is most traditional ad methods such as radio, TV spots and print ads in newspapers and magazines are not only expensive—they may not produce the results you want.

According to SCORE, using these advertising strategies won’t help:

  • Create an instant customer base.
  • Solve your cash flow or profit problems by producing an immediate sales windfall.
  • Cure poor or indifferent customer service problems.

SCORE also says about small business advertising, “You must give customers a compelling reason to call, visit your website or stop by your business” and “depending on your goals, a one-time (ad) placement may not be enough; when your ad appears many times in many places, there’s a better chance your prospective customers see it.”

Small business auto wraps advertisingAs small business owners, we know you look at your operating expenses every month and advertising is a big expense because traditional ad venues are expensive and we already know what they can’t do according to the experts at SCORE. So, what’s the best advertising strategy for your ad dollars?

Get Noticed With Auto Wraps!

If we consider what SCORE says about the repetition of an ad message that’s exactly what auto wraps do. They turn your company vehicle(s) into 24/7 moving billboard advertisements that never stop working even when stationary. And, they’re hard to miss and because 95 percent of people surveyed said they remembered the auto wrap graphics they saw, you do indeed have a better chance of grabbing their attention.

Just one auto wrap can achieve up to 70,000 visual views in just one day so again, they are a great way to reach a wider audience.

Next on SCORE’s list is giving the consumer “a compelling reason to call” or seek out your business. A one-time ad won’t do that—print ads just aren’t evergreen, meaning they only last as long as the paper or magazine is current. Radio and television ads can be expensive and even if you do use this ad venue, it’s hard to compete with the big boys to get prime on-air times—again the expense is way too high for the small business owner.

Change the Strategy

Here at Sunrise Signs, we are not only small business supporters and enjoy offering tips on marketing and advertising within our daily blog posts, we also know the advantage of utilizing auto wraps.

Small business QR codes on auto wrapsBeyond the reasons above, 3M, a prominent vinyl film manufacturer says, “A company would have to spend $130,000 in advertising to achieve the same effect as one wrapped vehicle.” Our auto wraps pricing is affordable and what’s a better way to get noticed, build a bigger audience and give consumers a compelling reason to choose your business than stunning, eye-appealing auto graphics?

Elements like QR (quick response) codes can be embedded that lead smartphone scanners directly to your website, a special offer or product information. Clearly visible website URLs, telephone numbers and social media logos like “find us on Facebook and Twitter” are also unique ways to advertise your business with auto wraps.

These are just some of the elements you can include in your auto wraps advertising campaign. You’ll also need graphics—images of what you sell or the service you offer—tools of the trade, catchphrases, and above all an enticing logo to help brand your business. And, your auto wraps need to be consistent with all other ad campaigns in color and design to help build a brand and consumer trust.

If you think you can’t afford auto wraps and graphics, let Sunrise Signs show you just how affordable they can be and how they won’t take a big bite out of your advertising budget. They also offer a great return on the investment of your ad dollars. Finally, never think of auto wraps that last up to five years and are 100 percent removable as an expense and only an expense. Instead, think of them as a constant revenue stream that is always awake, announcing your business!

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