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One-Stop Guide on How to Vinyl Wrap a Car

Posted on Tue, Dec, 11, 2012

How to vinyl wrap a carThere are tons of reasons to choose auto wraps from personalization to business advertising campaigns. However, many still wonder how to vinyl wrap a car, what’s involved in the process and how they are designed and installed. Finally, Sunrise Signs puts this age-old question to rest!

The Design

Sunrise Signs offers some options when it comes to the auto wraps design process. First, our in-house graphic designers set up a free consultation for individuals, business owners and fleet managers and ask detailed questions about the purpose of the car wraps. This helps our designers learn more about a company such as their vision, mission and future goals. Armed with this information, our designers can go to work on creating stunning and eye-appealing graphics based on the consultation outcome.

For example, are the graphics for a new product promotion? Or, are they to advertise a business 24/7? Or, is the focus on branding the business or fleet? Does the company have a logo or is a design needed? Essentially, once our designers have answers to these questions from the initial consultation, they get right to work designing the graphics.

Another option we offer is working with freelance graphic designers and marketing and advertising agencies that may already have a design but need us to help them print and install the auto wraps. We call this our wholesale to the trade service and we also enjoy being your silent partner in design ideas, especially if you need custom vehicle templates or ideas on how to wow your clients.

So, the first step in how to vinyl wrap a car, begins with the consultation and design. Our designs are digitally created using vehicle templates and sent to every customer for approval. When the artwork is approved by the client, the printing process begins.

Printing Perfection

guide to car wrapping with vinyl wrapsFor car wraps to be printed to perfection it takes a wide format printer with industrial capabilities. Many of our wholesale clients such as freelance graphic designers choose Sunrise Signs when they need to know how to vinyl wrap a car—not just for advice on difficult and challenging designs but also to print their creations and turn them into awesome vehicle wraps.

This step in the vinyl car wraps process is extremely important and at Sunrise Signs, we become your partner behind the scenes and because we have years of experience printing auto wraps and they have always been our one focus and specialty, we’re always confident in the final product.

For the car wraps we create in-house, this is also the next step in the auto wraps process. Once we have approved artwork, we’re ready to digitally embed your graphics onto vinyl wrap film. In addition, we only use high-quality, durable wrap materials from manufacturers like 3M and Avery to ensure our vehicle wraps will last up to five years, endure the elements of weather and the sun and are easily removed when needed.

Because we have access to a large inventory of wrap film, this part of the process, whether it’s for our wholesale clients, businesses or individuals, makes it easy to ensure printing perfection each and every time!

Installation Coast to Coast

Lastly, in this guide on how to vinyl wrap a car is the installation process. Again Sunrise Signs offers installation expertise to both wholesale and retail customers. And, we not only wrap onsite at our location, we have partnered with nationwide installers from coast to coast who are certified in the process of installing auto wraps and we choose our partners based on that expertise.

nationwide vinyl car wrappingInstalling vinyl auto wraps is indeed an art because no two vehicles are the same. We have worked with many makes and models—even custom models or vehicles that have added aftermarket elements. Choosing a vehicle wrap installer without the experience we have may result in uneven seams or bubbles. And, we consider no vinyl vehicle wrap completed until it is installed perfectly—we are passionate about the outcome of not only our designs but also the designs of our wholesale customers.

We’re Here to Help!

Whether you need auto wraps for individual purposes, to brand your business or fleet or are a freelance graphic designer, now that you know how to vinyl wrap a car, think of Sunrise Signs first for your vehicle wraps and give us a call. Not only do we stand behind what we do, we enjoy what we do and that’s what makes Sunrise Signs your choice for all your car wrapping needs!


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