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Graphic Designer Resource Guide to Vehicle Wraps

Graphic Designer Resource Guide to Vehicle WrapsSunrise Signs is a full service sign company that specializes in vehicle wraps and graphics. We also cater to wholesale clients including freelance graphic designers and marketing and advertising agencies. We have clients in the fleet-truck leasing industry as well as other sign companies. In this one-stop graphic designer resource guide to vehicle wraps, we’ll offer up some examples of what we can do for you at the wholesale level along with some must-have resources!

Vehicle Wrap Best Practices

Making the leap to designing vehicle wraps doesn’t have to be difficult for passionate designers as long as you have the right tools and the persistence to learn. In this first section of our graphic designer resource guide to vehicle wraps, we’ve included some must-reads including designer tips and convincing clients vehicle wraps and graphics are the better advertising choice.

You’ll also find some great free stuff including a vehicle wrap kit, a QR code marketing kit and a vehicle wrap ROI calculator as well as a brief history of how vehicle graphics were born!

So You Want to Be a Vehicle Wraps Designer?

Designer Tips on Working With and Using Vehicle Templates

Learn All About Adding QR Codes to Vehicle Wraps

Teach Your Clients the Value of Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

The Evolution of Graphic Design for Car Wraps

Helpful Tips for Consulting with Clients About Vehicle Wrap Design

Vehicle Wrap Information Kit

QR Code Marketing Kit

Vehicle Wrap ROI Calculator

Tools, Templates and Ideas

Vehicle Wrap Design Tips for Graphic DesignersEven experienced graphic designers may need a little help if they have little or no experience in designing vehicle graphics. In this next section of our resource guide for graphic designers, we offer up tons of tips including template errors, design mistakes, tips on typography for your designs, discuss free vehicle templates and their issues and what to do when you need a custom vehicle template.

We also explore vector over raster files, tips on making a case for vehicle wraps over vinyl lettering and some great statistics showing just how affordable vehicle wraps are compared to other ad venues—and of course some extra tips like why you must include the cab in your vehicle wrap design and the most common reasons the vehicle wrap design isn’t working.

Avoid These 5 Common Vehicle Wrap Design Mistakes

3 Vehicle Wrap Template Errors

Typography Tips for Car Graphics

Do Free Vehicle Templates Exist and Should You Use Them?

Fight for Your Designs: Why Vehicle Wraps Are Better Than Vinyl Lettering

Understanding the True Cost of Vehicle Wraps Compared to Traditional Ad Methods

Why It’s Important to Include the Cab When Designing Truck Wraps

Finding 3M Vehicle Wrap Providers

Why Your Vehicle Wrap Design Isn’t Working

Do You Need a Custom Template?

Why Vector is Better Than Raster for Vehicle Wrap Design

Partner with the Experts!

How to design vehicle wrapsWith all the tips in this resource guide for graphic designers, we also want to show you why partnering with an expert in vehicle wraps is essential in delivering quality outcomes. While you may have the design capabilities, you may lack industrial printers and vinyl inventory—even installers. This is where Sunrise Signs can help as your silent partner in the background! We make you shine for your clients with great results and if you do need consultation throughout the design process, we can help with that too!

Learn why companies who are experts in vehicle wraps and graphics are ideal to partner with and finally, we offer up a case study showing you how we worked with another sign company behind the scenes to show you just how much joint partnerships work!

Case Study: Sunrise Signs Partners with AMB Signs

What to Look for in a Wholesale Vehicle Wrap Printer

The Benefits of Partnering with Sunrise Signs Instead of the Other Guy!

A Full Service Sign Company Offers Years of Experience in Vehicle Wraps

Why Our Vehicle Wraps Never Fail!

How to Hire the Best Vehicle Wrap Installer

Expert Solutions to Seamless Vehicle Wraps

We invite you to bookmark this graphic designer resource guide to vehicle wraps, refer to it often and share it with your peers. And, if you require printing, installation or design consultation services, we’re always happy to work with our wholesale partners!

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