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Wholesale Guide to Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Guide to Wholesale Vehicle Wraps and GraphicsWhen’s the last time you had a client ask you to create an awesome design for delivery vehicles and you said “no problem,” but instantly realized you had no way to print or install the wraps? Graphic designers, advertising and marketing agencies and sign companies that may not have the printing equipment or large vinyl inventory often find themselves in this very situation. Now, with this wholesale guide to vehicle wraps and graphics you can say “no problem” and leave the printing and installation to us!

Wholesale Solutions

Sunrise Signs offers years of experience in the vehicle graphics and wrap industry and we pride ourselves on superior outcomes when we partner with our wholesale clients. We like to be your silent partner in the background to help make you shine for your clients.  We are also willing to step in and offer suggestions on unusual or difficult designs because with our expertise, we’ve pretty much seen it, designed it and wrapped it! We also provide our installation services nationwide.

In this section of our wholesale guide to vehicle wraps and graphics, we’ve included some resources for freelancers, leasing companies and advertising agencies to help you gain a better understanding of what we can do for you.

Make Your Clients Understand Why Vehicle Wraps Are Better Than Vinyl Lettering

Learn All About 3M Vehicle Wraps

Convince Your Clients to Skip the Paint Job and Use Vehicle Wraps Instead

Make a Case for and Sell Vehicle Wrap Design

Design and Client Solutions

Partner with a Wholesale Vehicle Wrap PrinterBeyond our vinyl inventory selection, printing and installation services, we also have many solutions to aid you in creating the best vehicle wrap designs for your clients. Below are some helpful articles we think offer great solutions.

Graphic Designer Tips on Using Auto Templates

How to Guide Your Clients Through a Vehicle Wrap Consultation

Statistics On Vehicle Wrap Advertising and Why They Are Cheaper Than Traditional Advertising

5 Mistakes to Avoid with Fleet Graphics

Expert Solutions

Partnering with Sunrise Signs benefits not only your client but also your firm—it’s a win-win all around. And, because if needed, we can guide you through some challenging wrap issues like curves and uneven surfaces, the end result will be the very best it can be.

Below are some additional resources that portray our vehicle wraps industry experience.

Must-Have Tips for Choosing a Wholesale Wrap Printing Provider

Reasons to Choose Us Over Your Local Sign Company

A Full Service Sign Company Offers Year of Experience in Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Case Study: Partnering with AMB Signs

Partner Solutions

Graphic Designer Solutions for Printing Vehicle WrapsNo design for any vehicle needs to be a challenge if you partner with us whether you need design help, printing or installation services.  Now that you know our wholesale partner solutions are here for you, together we can deliver any job—big or small—one vehicle to a fleet of vehicles.

We hope you’ll bookmark this wholesale guide to vehicle wraps and graphics, share it with your industry counterparts and then partner with us to help you create and deliver the best vehicle wraps for your clients.


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