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What Are the Most Popular Choices for Box Truck Advertising?

Truck box advertising ideasMany businesses invest in box trucks for hauling, delivery, contractor work vehicles and moving and storage purposes. That fleet of box trucks was an investment but they won’t announce or brand your company or the service you provide without implementing some box truck advertising. Truck wraps and graphics are a proven way to advertise your fleet and are much more affordable than other advertising mediums.

Varied Choices

There are a lot of choices to boost your company brand on your box trucks. Some of them include vinyl lettering, temporary banner ads and full or partial vehicle wraps and graphics. Sunrise Signs specializes in box truck vehicle wraps and graphics and these marketing campaign tools do get noticed and offer a better advantage over other choices. Let’s take a look at what each has to offer.

Temporary Banner Ads

You can find many companies that offer these temporary truck boxes advertising banner-type ads. For these, most companies will offer you a choice of installing temporary banners on the sides and rear of your box trucks, however, their contract terms work more like rental fees meaning once the rental period is over, the banners are removed for an extra fee. Some of the companies we found that offer these temporary/rental box truck banners mention graphic designs on the banners but most don’t employ in-house graphic designers—they offer more of a you-design-it-online-yourself type of banner creation, you approve your final design, they print it and then install the banner ads on your box trucks (they also charge a fee for installation).

Box Truck Wraps and GraphicsSunrise Signs does employ in-house graphic designers if you want to utilize temporary box truck advertising so our end results are of a higher quality that lasts up to a year. We work with you to from start to finish to ensure the temporary banners display your message, brand and are noticeable. Temporary banner ads for box trucks are good for one-time promotions, new product announcements or non-profit events.

With temporary banner ads, if you’re not a designer, you could end up with a mundane banner and a one colour background and lettering—no images to speak of. Vinyl lettering and a one-colour banner do not make for much of a box truck advertising tool and when the rental is over, your ad campaign is over. There are also companies that will install a banner on one of their own box trucks and park the vehicle in your target market area for an agreed-upon term. Again, once the stationary box truck is unwrapped, the campaign stops and you could end up spending up a lot of money for a stationary box truck ad that doesn’t move and instead works more like a roadside billboard. With these companies, be sure to check out the fine print on additional fees.

At Sunrise Signs, if you want to take advantage of temporary banner ads, you can rest assured our solutions will be full of imagery, colour, corporate, event or product information and we quote you one price that includes everything from the design to the printing to the installation to removal.

Vinyl Box Truck Lettering

Advertise with fleet box truck wrapsIf you have a fleet of box trucks, vinyl lettering might seem like the best choice but again, the most affordable vinyl lettering is only one colour, ordered from a company online and is shipped to you with installation instructions. The worst part of the instructions? You only get one chance to get the vinyl lettering on correctly and then it’s back to the drawing board.

The more colours you order, the more expensive your vinyl lettering will be and without a professional installer, your finished box truck advertising campaign may end up looking pretty bad. Vinyl lettering that is not made of high-quality materials may also peel making your box trucks look even more unappealing. Finally, lettering alone doesn’t help your fleet of box trucks stand out in a crowd.

Box Truck Advertising Wraps

At Sunrise Signs, we are experts at box truck wraps and graphics and if you choose this method, there are many more advantages compared to your other choices. Once our designers work with you to come up with the perfect design using digital imagery, logo, website URL, catchphrase or motto and QR (quick response) codes all in stunning colours that match your corporate colours, your fleet of box trucks are turned into 24/7 moving billboard advertisements that never stop advertising—even when stationary or parked. One wrapped box truck can garner up to 70,000 visual impressions in just one day.

With our box truck graphics and wraps, we help you make the best decision on whether to invest in partial or full box truck wraps and can also advise you on how to make these wraps stand out even more by wrapping the cab of your box trucks.

Box Truck wraps and graphicsIf you’re considering wrapping your fleet of box trucks (or even one) did you know that 95 per cent of people surveyed said they noticed graphics on vehicles? We only utilize high-quality vinyl materials meaning your box truck wraps can last up to seven years—a much smarter investment for your advertising dollar.

Full or partial box truck wraps are also 100 per cent removable. In addition, they help to protect the surfaces of your box trucks and if your box trucks are older, they can rejuvenate them into eye-catching, can’t-help-but-notice stunning advertisements.

The images you see here are all examples of what Sunrise Signs can do to help you with your box truck advertising campaign. Because our designers ask questions about your company, your history and your future goals, we can then incorporate what we learn into a branding message that is clear, bright, uses colourful pictures and imagery and useful information such as phone number and web address so your box trucks end up being a work of art on wheels. You can even employ “find us on Facebook” and Twitter handles.

The smart choice here is investing in full or partial box truck wraps and Sunrise Signs will work with you to find the most affordable solution to fit your ad budget. Whether you have a fleet of box trucks or even one, wouldn’t your corporate message be better displayed and noticed using spectacular and impressive box truck wraps? Click on the button below and get started today!


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