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The 5 Greatest Pitfalls of Franchise Vehicle Branding Graphics

Franchise Vehicle Branding GraphicsJust because you own a franchise doesn’t mean you can skip the brand building and rely on franchisor national ads to boost your brand identity. No two McDonald’s are the same because they are independently owned and operated so the processes and procedures—even the advertising choices, are the responsibility of the independent owner. Branding your franchise is important so it’s essential you understand the pitfalls of franchise branding, especially when it comes to franchise vehicle branding graphics.

Potential Problems

Franchise owners must be consistent in all of their branding efforts including paying close attention to the quality of their products and customer service. Problems in franchise branding can and does occur when the franchise starts to grow and the consistency of advertising gets lost or goes in too many directions which confuses the consumer.

Franchise Vehicle Wraps

Some franchisors may require you to employ a vehicle that uses their logos, trademarks and slogans but the responsibility may fall to you as the franchisee to ensure the vehicle meets franchisor expectations as outlined in your franchise agreement. For example, if you own a Stanley Steemer franchise, the franchisor will expect the nationally recognized yellow vans along with prominently embedding the corporate name—and you can be that “recognized yellow” color is a certain type of yellow, not just any old yellow.  That’s why it’s important franchisees understand the biggest problems they’ll face with franchise vehicle branding graphics.

1. Design

Franchise branding with vehicle wraps and graphicsAs a franchisee, you have access to corporate logos and other marketing tools. When it comes to designing your franchise wraps and graphics, however, the local designer may not understand how that design should look. The logo may come out fine but when it comes to branding the graphics specific to your franchise, some designers may look at the vehicle wraps as two dimensional meaning if important branding elements need to be placed in curved or challenging areas, the entire wrap will be designed poorly which will be quite noticeable after installation.

A graphic designer with years of expertise and templates for every make and model of vehicle doesn’t look at curved or challenging areas as a problem but instead, places to help build your local franchise brand with complimentary imagery.

2. Printing

Again, just because you have access to franchisor logos and marketing tools, it doesn’t mean the company you choose to print the graphics will use the correct colors. To help build your franchise locally, you must consistently utilize the correct colors to ensure everything matches as far as sizing, quality and once printed the installation of your franchise vehicle wraps.

Not all vehicle wrap companies utilize the same printing processes and even worse, if you choose more than one company to print your wraps, you don’t know how many variations of design colors you’ll gain. People remember national brands but they don’t remember franchise vehicle wraps that are confusing and don’t convey the brand of a local franchise. A full service sign company that specializes in franchise vehicle wraps and graphics will get the job done right each and every time.

3. Materials

Franchise advertising ideasWhen it comes to the vinyl materials utilized in your franchise vehicle wraps, do you know the difference between cast and calendared vinyl? A wrap company may offer you a great price on calendared vinyl but when it comes to ensuring the vinyl wraps will work on curved surface, calendared vinyls won’t get the job done—they only work on flat surfaces.

To keep franchise branding consistent, you need to find a company that is versed in using cast high-quality vinyl that does work on curved areas and surfaces to ensure your wraps will last. Nothing looks worse than a franchise vehicle wrap designed with inferior materials. Insist on high-duty vinyl products such as the ones we use here at Sunrise Signs for our nationwide franchise customers.

4. Installation

Part of obtaining franchise wraps includes the installation process. Even if the company you choose does a great job of designing and printing the wraps, if they utilize installers who are not experts at what they do, you’ll end up with bubbles, uneven seams, wrinkles and even tears in the vinyl.

Every installer we utilize at Sunrise Signs is certified by us—even the ones we use nationally across the United States so no matter where your franchise is, you can rest assured the installation process will be performed correctly and void of any problem areas.

5. Process

Franchise branding tipsOur final pitfall you may face with franchise vehicle branding graphics is when a company fails to utilize a “cookie cutter” process.  At Sunrise Signs we do utilize a cookie cutter process to ensure consistent shapes and sizes each and every time.

Reliable vehicle graphic and wrap companies will utilize this same process so steer clear of those who don’t understand what the process entails—bad wrap designs will not build your franchise brand and may harm your branding goals.

How We Can Help

Franchise owners realize quickly the corporate marketing and advertising tools only go so far. It is the goal of the franchisor for every franchisee to succeed but they can’t be at your location holding your hand nor will they do much to help build your brand locally to gain the trust of your target market. They may suggest certain ideas, but when it comes to spending money on advertising and branding locally, they aren’t the ones shelling out the cash.

It’s best to partner with a franchise graphic and wrap company that specializes in franchise vehicle branding graphics and design. We offer in-house graphic designers, printing and process consistency and professional and certified installation. Finally, as a franchise owner, you may own multiple franchises and you do need professionals who excel at project management to ensure your franchise vehicles align with your local goals, meet national goals and help build your brand and keep it consistent.


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