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Construction Advertising Samples & Dealing With Bad Online Reviews

Construction advertising samplesTired of the same old branding campaign? If you’re in the contractor business Sunrise Signs wants to help you build a brand identity so we’ve got some construction advertising samples and ideas to get jump start your branding strategy along with must-have tips on how to deal with negative online reviews.

The Best Ways to Build a Brand

We did a Google search on “construction advertising samples” and found tons of ideas including flyers, marketing kits, billboards and companies promising their tools will help you build a strong brand. While these are all good ideas, there is one tried and true method you may not be using—construction and contractor fleet vehicle wraps. You also need to keep your brand strong by learning how to respond to negative online reviews.

Online Negativity

There are many ways for consumers to leave bad reviews on the Internet. They can utilize Yelp, Google Local Places and other venues to complain to high heaven. The Web makes it easy and some of these rating sites allow people to leave anonymous reviews giving you no way of resolving the issue.

Contractors how to respond to bad online reviewsBad reviews are not the biggest problem for contractors, however—it’s the non-response to negative comments or reviews that can really hurt your business.

If you are guilty of not addressing bad reviews and think, “No one reads those anyway,” you’d be wrong. According to Internet World Stats, there are approximately 300 billion online users in the United States alone. In the old days, a consumer would call the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to find out a company’s standing, but no more. The Web has made it possible not only read BBB ratings online but also an arena for unhappy consumers to write bad reviews—even if they are complaining just to complain.

Think of it this way. You work for years building a strong customer base and feel comfortable with your reputation, then a bad review hits. You choose to ignore it—then another comes along and another. If you elect not to respond, it’s no different than advertising on a huge billboard and telling your target market how bad you are. No business wants this contractor or construction advertising sample up in large print for the world to see, nor can they afford it. Sales will drop and one complaint can spawn many, many more.

Respond to the negativity even if you have to join the rating site. Tell the person you will do everything in your power to resolve the complaint. For those anonymous complaints, respond to them to and ask them to contact you and by leaving a complaint anonymously you are unable to help. Other consumers who read bad reviews may dismiss them if you put forth a real effort to deal with them.

Never delete bad comments from your Facebook or Google+ Business Page (Local Places) and instead handle them head on with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Keep in mind you will have unhappy customers who have no real complaint and you know it, but ignoring them won’t make them go away. Try and resolve the issue.

Wrap and Wrap Some More!

Advertising for contractors and construction companies just got easier if you choose to make a one-time investment into fleet vehicle wraps. Vehicle lettering or decals are not the same as a vehicle wraps and will fade or peel off along with being so small the money you spend on them is simply wasted.

Why use contractor fleet vehicle wraps and graphics

Instead of one billboard, once wrapped, fleet vehicle wraps turn your contractor or construction fleet into 24/7 moving billboard advertisements that never sleep—this type of advertising even works when vehicles are stationary or parked at job sites or the homes of your customers.

Because one wrapped fleet vehicle can gain up to 70,000 visual views per day, not only does it help to build brand identity because people remember what they see, they are also a much more affordable advertising tool than traditional ad mediums.

Here are just a few contractor and construction advertising sample ideas that will show you just how advantageous fleet vehicle wraps are at Sunrise Signs and we offer lots of advantages:

-We keep your contractor fleet wraps affordable through bulk printing jobs.

-We can keep your graphics consistent no matter how many different makes and models you have within your fleet.

-We can print large runs of your graphics and warehouse them to ensure prompt delivery and installation of future jobs—on your schedule.

-We install and remove contractor and construction fleet wraps nationwide.

Advertising for Construction and Contractors-All of our contractor clients gain access to the knowledge and creativity of an experienced staff of graphic designers that pay extra attention to detail and quality control.

-We ask pertinent questions about your business vision, mission and future goals to help design fleet wraps geared toward your focus to keep your brand consistent and noticeable.

-We stand behind our fleet wraps by ensuring every fleet wrap we design and install for you will meet your company guidelines and our high standards of quality.

-With a fleet of wrapped vehicles and noticeable graphics, you can lose the all-white look and stand out above the rest.

-Studies effectively show vehicle graphics make name recognition more than 15 times greater—an awesome way to boost your brand.

-We consider a contractor or construction fleet one that consists of two or more vehicle to gain a discount on fleet vehicle wraps.

-Fleet vehicle wraps can rejuvenate older fleet vehicles that still have much useful life left in them.

Getting Started

Drive sales with contractor vehicle wrapsWe know by now you’re interested and by offering these contractor and construction advertising samples including how to deal with negative online reviews and how to stand out in a crowd with fleet vehicle wraps, you’re ready to get started. One click on the button below is all you need to start building a stronger brand and turning your fleet into an unforgettable advertising tool that keeps working and working and working!

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