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Where Can I Find 3M Vehicle Wraps for Franchise & Fleet Vehicles

3M car care franchise vehicle wraps for fleet advertsing ROIOne of the top manufacturers of heavy-duty adhesive vinyl is 3M and Sunrise Signs utilizes their products to continually produce custom and unique vehicle wraps. Many of our fleet and franchise customers look for high-quality vehicle graphics and wraps and because we use 3M products, the end results are always given high praise because 3M vehicle wrap products are durable and cost-saving.

Fleet and Franchise Vehicle Benefits

Using 3M vehicle wraps and Sunrise Signs for your fleet or franchise business advertising needs offers many benefits including:

  • Lower cost than traditional advertising methods such as TV, radio, billboard or pay-per-click advertising.
  • A 95 per cent “visual” recall rate from vehicle graphics and wraps views.
  • Up to 70,000 vehicle wrap visual impressions per day for each fleet or franchise vehicle you wrap.
  • Consistent colours via digital colour matching so every franchise or fleet vehicle, no matter the type of car, SUV, van, truck or trailer are the same. Consistent colour and design elements are essential to achieve brand identification on the highest of levels.
  • Sunrise Signs has over 15 years of experience and a full team of vehicle wrap, fleet and franchise design experts onsite at our location.
  • We offer nationwide installation and removal along with an industry-leading warranty.
  • 3M vinyl offers reduced lifting meaning once installed, it’s done! This reduces costs and improves appearance.
  • 3M products also ensure faster installs—the 3M products Sunrise Signs utilizes are so amazing the install time is 30 per cent faster so that’s less downtime for your fleet and franchise vehicles.
  • No primer is necessary for the latest and greatest in 3M vinyl—just another way to make your fleet vehicle wraps even more affordable.

These are just a few of the benefits you’ll receive by choosing Sunrise Signs and 3M vehicle wraps but why wrap in the first place?

Extending the Life of Useful Assets—Your Fleet!

Where to find 3M vehicle wrapsIf you are a fleet manager, franchisee or business owner, you may have various model years within your fleet. There may be some old and some new yet the older model-year vehicles still have a lot of useful life left in them. Those on the older side can benefit from 3M vehicle wraps; they don’t need to be retired just yet!

You want your fleet of vehicles to make the best first impression they can so along with giving the new vehicles in your fleet distinct character, you can also make the vehicles that are not so new look brand new by utilizing vehicle graphics and wraps.

And, because vehicle wraps last up to five years and are 100 per cent removable when it’s time to retire a vehicle, the resale value is higher as vehicle wraps help to protect manufacturer paint.

By choosing fleet and franchise vehicle wraps you are also consistently building your brand and we all know how important brand identity is to create a customer following and retain it.

Affordability and Noticeability

3M car care franchise are like the Energizer BunnyHow noticeable is your vehicle fleet? Do the vehicles stand out as they drive the city streets and highways or are your vehicles bland and void of any company definition? Even if you choose vehicles all the same colour, one colour does not make for brand consistency unless it’s noticeable. With 3M vehicle wraps custom-designed by Sunrise Signs, you gain the noticeability and visual views you lack.

As far as affordability, we usually find once fleet managers and business owners take a look at our free 3M car care franchise ROI Calculator, they can see why they’ll gain more from vehicle wraps than traditional advertising methods.

Since we’re talking about how great 3M products are, here’s a quote from them: “A business would have to spend $130,000 in advertising dollars to achieve the same effect as one $3,500 vehicle wrap.”

The Internet and how consumers use it also plays a big role in getting noticed. Unfortunately, so many print publications are losing in the media numbers game and even if you participate in pay-per-click featured ads, you could end up spending a lot for a few clicks. Vehicle wraps and graphics are 24/7 moving billboard advertisements that never sleep or stop working in rain or snow—even when stopped at a client’s place of business they get noticed. They are literally that little Energizer Bunny as far as business advertising goes!

It’s time for you to reexamine your fleet of vehicles and the ways you’re utilizing advertising dollars to gain new customers. It’s time to consider 3M vehicle wraps and the expertise Sunrise Signs can provide.


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