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Do Your Fleet Service Vehicles Offer the Wrong Impression? You Need Vehicle Graphics!

Advertise with Fleet Vehicle Graphics and WrapsCorporate trainer Lydia Ramsey says of first impressions “When you meet someone face-to-face, 93 percent of how you are judged is based on non-verbal data,” meaning your appearance and body language—the same can be said of your fleet of service vehicles. If your fleet isn’t making a good first impression, perhaps it’s time to rethink how your fleet really looks to potential customers and take advantage of fleet vehicle graphics and wraps.

The 7 Second First Impression Is Dead

There are those who say the first seven seconds of your sales pitch (the words you use) may close a sales deal but today’s world is a visual world. People are enticed by infographics and images and pictures on Facebook and fleet managers need to learn the seven second first impression is dead. Why? Your vehicle can’t talk but it can speak volumes when it comes to appearance.

You may have chosen great vehicles for your fleet of service vehicles but if they are void of graphics shouting who you are, not just whispering with decals, the impression they offer to the customer will change the perception of your company.

A fleet of white vehicles that are blank, boring, opaque and don’t say what you do might not gain you entrance to service your customers because that “first” impression doesn’t tell them anything about you. The service your employees are there to provide isn’t portrayed and worse, if your service times are in blocks; i.e. 9:00 am to noon, a vehicle void of vehicle graphics and wraps means you could lose the customer who fears the unknown arrival and wonders “who is that?” or “that can’t be them.”

What’s Missing?

Good first impression with fleet vehicle wrapsIt really doesn’t matter if you offer AC repair, have a team of plumbers or are a computer IT/repair company—people don’t trust what they can’t see and again, the visuals vehicle wraps offer do come into play.

Your corporate fleet should clearly announce the name of your organization, logo to help customers recognize you instantly (and help to build brand identity), a website URL and telephone number. Vehicles within a fleet should also invest in vehicle graphics and images that portray a sampling of what they do such as a plumber image or a lawnmower picture for a landscape enterprise. Today’s consumer also wants to “Find You on Facebook” and follow you on Twitter so these logos are almost a necessary must-do! Customers are savvy and they even want access to QR (quick response) codes where they can use smartphones to scan and are immediately connected to your website.

Be a Consumer First

Everyone has ordered a pizza for delivery right? Many chain pizza restaurants that deliver don’t specify what their delivery vehicles should look like; they only advertise needed delivery drivers must own their own car (even a horrible looking car) and have a good driving record—maybe give the driver some magnetic signs to slap on the sides. More than not, when we see delivery vehicles like these, we do wonder, even if it’s subconsciously, how clean the inside of the vehicle really is and if the pizza will be in good condition, hot and ready to eat. We may in fact skip the bad delivery “car” the next time and choose a food delivery service that shines with vehicle wraps showing pride, quality, care and cleanliness.

You may dress your service men and women impeccably but if the vehicles they arrive in look suspiciously bland or worse—dirty and paint-scratched, what sort of impression does that offer to your customers?

Be a consumer first and try and find service vehicles on the road that are in bad condition and void of any graphics and vehicle wraps. Maybe they have a tiny decal you can hardly read, but take them in as a whole. Would you trust the service company? Would it make you wonder how much the fleet manager or owner of the company really cares about his or her customers? Wouldn’t you trust a service vehicle if it were distinctly wrapped showing company pride?

Take a Look at Your Fleet

Service Now it’s time to take a look at your fleet. If it’s offering the wrong first impression (or that 93 percent visuals offer) you need to make a change. You could paint your fleet but in order to achieve a good look, you’ll spend a lot of cash.  You can even replace your old vehicles with new but if you don’t dress them up with affordable vehicle graphics and wraps that turn your service fleet of vehicles into 24/7 moving billboards, you’re back at square one again!

Instead of replacing your assets full of lots of useful life why not change their appearance and make a good first impression? Instead of finding vehicle paint companies that can do the job but charge more than you have in your fleet maintenance budget, why not see how affordable vehicle wraps really are?

Before you download our free Vehicle Wraps ROI Calculator to see how much you can really save, we’ll leave you with this statistic from 3M: “A company would have to spend $130,000 in advertising dollars to achieve the same effect as one $3,500 vehicle wrap.” And, at Sunrise Signs, when your organization determines wrapping your service vehicles are the right choice, we offer discounts on fleet wraps.

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