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Promote Your Business With Affordable Van Wraps Advertising

Nationwide van wraps advertistingDoes your business own a van utilized for service calls, transportation or shuttle services, home health care, home contractor, landscaping services or crosstown delivery? Van wraps advertising is becoming the ad method of choice these days for building your brand and reaching your target market. The secret behind this affordable advertising tool is most business owners think vans wraps are expensive when in reality most businesses pay more for traditional advertising and marketing methods.

Types of Van Graphics and Wraps

Sunrise Signs has designed and installed vehicle graphics and van wraps for a variety of industries including:

Nationwide contractor van wraps advertisingStatistics show the number of visual impressions a single vehicle wrap can produce in one day is 30,000 to 70,000—you won’t get that many “visual” potential customers from ads in newspaper, on the radio, in magazines or TV spots. As far as pricing, if your business lies in a major metropolitan area the cost of one full-page color ad could cost you upwards of $10,000 where just one vehicle wrap costs around $3,500. And, that $3,500 is a one-time investment that lasts up to five years and the wraps are 100 percent removable so they help to protect original manufacturer paint.

3M, a producer of the heavy-duty vinyl we use for our van wraps offers that a company would have to spend $130,000 in advertising dollars to get the same effect as one $3,500 vehicle wrap.

Name and Brand Recognition

Because 91 percent of people who see vehicle graphics remember these 24/7 moving billboard ads it’s simply smart to invest in van wraps advertising. Our free Vehicle Wrap ROI calculator actually shows you how soon you’ll see the return on your investment by utilizing van wraps for your business whether it’s for one vehicle, a fleet of vehicles or for franchise branding.

New Businesses and Rebranding

If you’ve just started your entrepreneurial dream, you need to find affordable ways to get the word out and vehicle wraps advertising is not only cheaper, it’s something other ad venues can’t do—turn a two-dimensional ad into a three-dimensional ad. Let’s say you just opened a restaurant or a restaurant franchise—you can offer discount coupons, grand opening day drawings for free stuff and even a radio spot but all of these things don’t embed the visual message of van wraps.

Nationwide Fitness Center van wrapsIf you’re rebranding your business, again, the number of visuals impressions you’ll receive as your vehicles travels city streets and highways far outweighs the number of other ad arenas. Rebranding can be tricky in nature but with a constant reminder of your revamping on the road 24/7, the rebranding process is quicker because consistency is essential in rebranding.

Nationwide Recognition

Sunrise Signs is a nationwide sign vehicle graphics and wraps company. We use in-house designers who design and create your van wraps design and then our high-quality printers handle the job of ensuring the wraps come out exactly as digitally designed. We install at our facility but also partner with nationwide installers meaning we install just about everywhere in the U.S.

In addition, we pride ourselves in set quotes meaning you won’t be hit with hidden fees or extras for fixes—we guarantee our work 100 percent until you, the customer, are completely satisfied. Your local sign company may not do the same simply because most local vehicle wraps and graphics businesses are more of the one or two-person team type of vehicle wrapping enterprise and often get backlogged with too much work resulting in either rushed and poor outcomes or a long wait—and a long wait means downtime for your company van.

We also have received customer testimonials on Google Places and offer a portfolio of our work via our Photo Gallery and Success Stories.

Putting Advertising Dollars to Good Use

Nationwide delivery or shuttle van wraps advertisingNo matter what type of van you have, we’ve probably wrapped one! We have wrapped van models such as the Chevy Express, Sprinter, Dodge Grand Caravan, Ford E150 vans and Honda Odyssey vans to name a few. We have vehicle templates for any type of van so our graphic designers can consult with you and get to work on your vehicle artwork right away.

Another statistic we like to throw out is even if you spend $4,250 on van wraps advertising and the wraps lasts four years, that  boils down to about $88 dollars a month—what traditional ad method is that affordable?

We Dare You To…

Here’s a challenge for you. When you head out to work tomorrow count how many vehicles you see that have wisely chosen to utilize vehicle graphics and wraps—even for special product branding. We bet it’s more than you think!

Once you’re at the office, make a list of the companies or types of businesses you saw during your commute. Write down what you noticed especially? Was it a QR (quick response) code? Was it their catchphrase embedded into the graphics? Was it the images that displayed the product or service? Did the wraps make you want to learn more about a company? Did you see one of your competitors using van wraps advertising?

Answering yes to even one of these questions means you need to start exploring how the exploding industry of wrap advertising will help your business.


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