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Auto Dealerships Get More Exposure With Parts Delivery Truck Wraps

auto dealership parts truckIf you own or manage an auto dealership, you already know the meat and potatoes of your dealership are the service and parts department. Do you ever stop and think how often your parts truck is out on the road making deliveries or picking up needed parts from another dealer? The answer here is your parts truck is out on the road most of the day with a designated driver doing its job. Now, if you aren’t taking advantage of the many visual views your parts truck could get while on the road, Sunrise Signs asks you why not?

Truck Wraps Get Noticed

Let’s say your parts truck or van is simply a vehicle picked off your lot, put into demo service and is void of any advertisement—not even lettering announcing what dealership the truck or van belongs to. Sure, other dealers may recognize the vehicle and the driver when it arrives with needed parts but what about all the other people driving next to the parts truck, stopped behind the vehicle or walking on the street—they won’t even look or notice your parts delivery truck.

You are missing out on a great opportunity—a 24/7 moving billboard advertisement! Did you know that the American Trucking Association says 91 percent of people surveyed do notice vehicle graphics? Did you know the Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement offered that A vehicle can generate between 30,000 to 70,000 (visual) impressions daily? And, did you know the 3M Company revealed a dealership would need to spend $130,000 in advertising dollars to produce the same effects as a $3,500 parts delivery truck wrap?

So, your parts vehicle as it drives the streets of your city or town void of graphics is not fully maximizing its potential is it?

Designs to Spark an Interest

Nationwide Auto Dealership Parts Truck WrapsA parts delivery truck full of unique and noticeable vehicle graphics and wraps serves a few purposes:

Name Recognition – Have you counted the number of independent repair shops and auto collision centers in your area? We bet you deliver to these folks, especially auto body and paint shops and these businesses have owners and managers too. They may be unhappy with their current parts supplier and is there a better way to “pop” your dealership name into their head than parts delivery truck wraps? Vehicle wraps make name recognition 15 times greater—so these businesses looking for a new parts vendor or those wanting to make a change will remember your auto dealership if  your truck is wrapped.

New and Pre-Owned Customers – It’s true many consumers turn to the Internet to research new and pre-owned vehicles before they visit a dealership but between the time the do the research and finally make a decision to actually go to a dealership, they’re thinking about what dealership is the best in town. What if as they drive back and forth from work or run daily errands they see your parts delivery truck with your dealership name and brands listed right on it? Wouldn’t they be more apt to visit your dealership first? Using parts truck wraps means once again the name recognition is there and will pull in not just parts customers but those seeking new or pre-owned vehicles.

Service Sales - As a franchised dealership you may take advantage of the service mailers sent to your customers from the manufacturer but what about others looking for a good and trustworthy service department? In fact, if your service mailers receive a 1 to 2 percent response, that’s a good percentage. Think of the bigger picture—think about how a parts delivery truck wrapped with graphics that boast “Serving the Valley (or Town) Since 1976!” Or, “Four Generations of Automotive Excellence!” Wouldn’t these catchphrases offer a better chance for potential customers to call your dealership for service needs? You can bet they would!

The Process

Auto dealership courtesy shuttle van wrapsAt Sunrise Signs, we work with you on the parts delivery truck wrap design and we turn a two-dimensional advertisement into a three-dimensional moving billboard announcing your dealership. Once your truck wraps are designed and approved, we print the graphics onto heavy-duty adhesive vinyl and then expertly install the wraps.

We even install our truck wraps nationwide by partnering with over 250 installers so there is a Sunrise Signs hand-picked certified installer in your area. We simply ship the wraps to them and once there, your parts truck can be wrapped in approximately two days. Choosing a vehicle graphics and wrap company that has this many nationwide contacts is a smart choice.

Branding Aids

At Sunrise Signs we also offer franchise and fleet branding aids. By this we mean if you determine you want your courtesy shuttle van wrapped, the colors and look of the wraps will be exactly the same as your parts delivery truck wraps. We can make revisions easily as your designs are digitally stored so creating courtesy shuttle wraps is easily completed and helps to further build your brand.

Branding means you must be consistent in all your vehicle wraps and we have templates for all makes and models to ensure your parts truck wraps can be transformed to a courtesy shuttle wrap and consistently build brand identity.

The Convenience of Wraps

Auto dealership parts and courtesy shuttle wrapsWhether you choose a parts delivery truck wrap or a courtesy shuttle van wrap (or both), because wraps are 100 percent removable and help protect original manufacturer paint, once your demo parts truck and courtesy shuttle have reached their set mileage limit, you can remove the wraps and place the vehicle for sale on your lot.

And, because we’ve saved your designs digitally, simply call us and we’ll print new wraps (make revisions if you wish) and quickly have your subsequent parts delivery truck back on the road getting noticed.

Let us show you how we can help your dealership receive visual impressions and gain customers through name recognition with truck wraps or van wraps. Quotes and consultations are always free! We also invite you to read some of our many customer testimonials and to prove how affordable vehicle wraps really are; feel free to download our Vehicle Wrap ROI Calculator to see how fast you’ll see the return on your investment.

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