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Tips for Finding the Best Sign Companies: Philadelphia Style!

Best sign companies PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia is famous for its cheesesteaks, the Liberty Bell and the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, but there are also many sign companies Philadelphia has to offer as well. These sign companies are not just of the sign variety—they are all-inclusive full of graphic designers that not only make metal and magnetic signs, but window, wall and floor wraps and vehicle wraps of all kinds.

Here at Sunrise Signs, we’re proud to be on the list of sign companies in Philadelphia and we think our expertise, years of experience and the ability to satisfy our customers with every sign or vehicle wrap makes us unique.

Because we know we’re not the only game in town, we thought we’d offer a post on how to find the best sign company in the Philly area:

Reputable and Reachable

A sign and vehicle graphics and wraps enterprise should be reputable and reachable. By reputable, we mean, a company that is transparent in what it can and cannot do, explains the entire process and offers free downloads like vehicle wraps information kits and vehicle wraps ROI calculators to help you determine the cost of a wrap.

By reachable, we don’t mean by phone or email. A good sign company should offer nationwide installation. At Sunrise Signs we do that through our partnership with over 250 installers nationwide. While we will design and print your vehicle wraps, we can ship them to our partners and guarantee they’re installed correctly—wherever you are in the United States.

Knowledge and Equipment

The designs and creativity behind signs means a good sign company should offer in-house graphic designers that are knowledgeable about typography, what works on a sign or vehicle wrap and what doesn’t.

Sign companies should also have state of the art equipment and printers and a large database where designs can be stored with a safe backup in the event the signs or graphics ever need modifications and a reprint.

Lingo and Branding

Sign Companies Philadelphia Vehicle WrapsBelieve it or not there is a certain lingo in the sign industry. Vehicle graphics and wraps aren’t about flame decals anymore! The sign company you choose should be familiar with partial wraps, how to promote with window or wall wraps and be able to help you build your brand.

Any good sign company owner should also be well-versed in branding and at Sunrise Signs, we are! That’s just one reason why we write our “Brandtastic Blog” to help not only business owners and individuals but also marketing professionals. We offer advice on how to brand or rebrand. We offer statistics on why vehicle wraps and graphics are the more affordable choice than other advertising venues. In fact, a browse through our posts and you’ll find all sorts of marketing tips such as if you should use a QR code and a free QR code cheat sheet.

Materials and FAQs

Above all, the best of the best sign companies Philadelphia has to offer should use the correct materials when installing vehicle wraps and graphics—and signs as well. At Sunrise Signs we only use high-quality and durable materials, a warranty and a list of FAQs right on our website to answer consumer questions before they order a sign or vehicle wraps.

sign companies philadelphia use 3MA sign company should (and not shy about) offering online videos showing actual vehicle wraps being installed. Above all, a good sign company will be able to answer every question the customer has and if an answer isn’t readily available, be able to find the answer or a solution—at Sunrise Signs we do this each and every day!


Finally, our last tip on finding the very best sign companies in Philadelphia is by looking at cost and value. Many of our customers, especially our business and advertising agency customers, already know the cost of vehicle wraps is not only affordable, but the value of having a 24/7 moving billboard advertising their brand is quite an achievement.

We Do It All!

Sign companies Philadelphia truck and trailer wrapsAt Sunrise Signs, we know we do all of these things and more. We invite you to click on the links and tabs above to learn more about things like vehicle wraps, signs and window, wall and floor wraps. We also want you to read our Success Stories, view our photo gallery and check out our some of the great resources we have to offer.

Our client list and the industries we serve grows each and every day and no job is too big or too small—every customer is offered the same attention and we work until they are 100 percent satisfied with the job at hand.

Want to learn more? We thought so! Feel free to browse around and give us a call!

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