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What to Expect With Cheap Vehicle Wraps: Tips and Advice

Ugly air bubbles on cheap vehicle wrapsHave you ever found yourself staring at your bland white vehicle thinking how cool it would look with vehicle wraps? Or, are you a business owner that has just signed a contract with a company promising cheap vehicle wraps? If so, beware and here at Sunrise Signs, we’ll tell you what to watch out for and why the “cheap” in vehicle wraps is not a good thing!

You Get What You Pay For

Most vehicle wraps are designed, printed and installed by professional companies that have in-house graphic designers and use only the highest quality of adhesive vinyl. A good vehicle graphics company will also have installers they trust nationwide who ensure the job is done right the first time. Above all, the best of the best will have free vehicle wrap information kits to help you make a decision on how to wrap your vehicle. If you’re a business owner and you want to see the return on your investment for installing vehicle wraps, look for a graphic design company that also offers free ROI Vehicle Wrap Calculators.

We do all of the above at Sunrise Signs and because we’re experts at what we do, we want to help you avoid cheap vehicle wraps and actually, the cost of a high quality vehicle wrap is more affordable than you think and will last up to five years—they are also 100 percent removable!

Unprofessional Wraps

If you do opt for the cheapest of vehicle wraps, there are some things to beware of including:

Wrinkles and bad seams on cheap vehicle wrapsPrice – If the price seems too good to be true, that should set off an alarm right away! Of course the size of the vehicle will come into play but our vehicle graphics start at $500, partial wraps start at $1,000 and a full vehicle wrap starts at only $1,800. If a company is offering full vehicle wraps for $500, expect some problems.

Wrinkles and Bubbles – Once you get your cheap vehicle wrap you may see wrinkles. This is essentially the wrap material literally lifting from the vehicle. Bubbles can also be a problem. Vehicle wraps should be smooth and flat, so if you see bubbles, that’s a bad wrap. (No pun intended!)

Torn Material and Visible Seams – Many of these inexpensive vehicle wraps will eventually tear and this means the graphic design company isn’t using top quality products like 3M, Avery or Oracal.  In addition, if you can see seems in the wrap this means a poor quality installation was performed.

Poor Edge Trimming and Discoloration – The entire vehicle wrap needs to be edged correctly. If it isn’t you’ll see all sorts of lines that don’t match up! As far as discoloration of the vinyl vehicle wrap, that again means top quality vinyl materials weren’t used in the wrap.

Choosing a Good Wrapping Company

Discoloration and bad edging on cheap vehicle wrapsWhen you’ve decided car wrapping is right for you, I’ve put together an article on How to Hire a Vehicle Wrap Installer—a must read if this is your first vehicle wrap.

If you do choose the cheapest of vehicle wraps, you will have to shell out more money to get the wrap removed and reinstalled correctly. Or worse, the materials are so poor the wrap has to be designed from the beginning, reprinted and then installed.

Because the quality of the wrap is so important, it’s best to choose a company that knows what they’re doing. We all like bargains, and in a tough economy who doesn’t want to save a buck? I’ve always found it funny that when it comes to our vehicles—even for maintenance and repair, we argue about the price but if our home air-conditioners stop working in the heat of the summer, we’ll pay an HVAC company almost anything they ask to get the unit back up and running.

Do the same when choosing vehicle graphics and skip the cheap vehicle wraps!

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