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Don’t Forget the Cab in Your Truck Graphics and Truck Wraps!

Truck Graphics and Truck WrapsIs your truck naked? Or, have you sat in traffic thankfully blessed  you’ve already wrapped your truck and its cab and see truck after truck with no graphics or lettering so small you don’t know what the truck is promoting?

There are a few ways to wrap a truck and include sensational graphics but many fleet managers and business owners forget one of the most important part of the truck—the cab!

Imagine a message announcing your brand—it’s snazzy, it’s appealing and your entire truck is wrapped and then the viewer’s eyes fall to the cab—a cab void of graphics, all white, bland and well, boring! We’re here to help you change that cab and make it part of your entire truck wrap.

Reasons to Wrap!

At Sunrise Signs, we offer two types of truck graphics and wraps.

  • Include a QR CodeTemporary – These durable wraps last up to a year and are easily removed. Why would you need a temporary wrap? Are you fundraising? Is your company involved in a rebranding? Do you need to announce you’ve opened two new locations and are now a chain? Temporary trucks work best for these needs—even if the truck we wrap is a rental. Because they are 100 percent removable, we guarantee they won’t harm the paint. Think of “temporary” truck graphics and wraps as a way to send a message for the short-term. You can even insert a QR Code to make your promotion go viral!
  • Long-Term – If you’ve already found your market niche and want to expand your audience and make your brand stronger, long term truck graphics and wraps turn your trucks (and the cab) into a moving billboard. These wraps display who you are and what you do—all the time, and last from five to seven years! Again the cab should be part of your truck graphics and truck wraps. Dressing up the cab offers a seamless transition to the eye of your audience.

Box Truck Wraps

Take a quick look at the box truck wrap below. Notice how the cab seamlessly adds to the box of the truck offering a continual moving pictorial. The best part of these entire truck graphics and wraps is the number of chances you have to impress.

Truck with Cab Graphics

When you stop at a red light on a freeway and a truck pulls up beside you or stops in the opposite direction. What is the first thing you look at? The cab! Just as many of us look at other driver’s in other vehicles on the road when we stop or are stuck in traffic, we do the same with trucks. Who is driving we wonder. What must it be like to be a truck driver?

These may be subconscious thoughts but they are instant and as the truck pulls away, we see the rest of the message. Wouldn’t it be advantageous for your audience to see a cab dressed up with your brand and also the box of the truck continuing on with the brand message? Of course it would!

Truck graphics and truck wraps that include the cab lengthen your message and above all, are eye-appealing.

Stats and More Stats

We can’t say this enough but there are statistics you should consider when wrapping your trucks. For example, according to the American Trucking Association (ATA) 91 percent of people do notice graphics and that a single intra-city truck with wraps and graphics will gain up to 16 million impressions annually!

As recent as 2011, 3M (and Sunrise Sign utilizes 3M materials), offered up statistics on the Daily Effective Circulation (DEC) per truck annualized costs much, much less than other advertising venues! In today’s economy, who has $1.4 million for a television advertising campaign? Again, we offer an exciting screenshot from 3M’s research.

Truck Graphics Are Affordable!

RYP & Becker Group also offer up some statistics on truck graphics and truck wraps including:

  • 98 Percent thought the ads created a positive image of the advertiser.
  • 97 Percent of survey respondent recalled the ad on the truck.
  • 98 Percent thought fleet graphics ha more impact than billboards.

These statistics alone are great reasons to consider wrapping your trucks and cabs to offer a visual image that stays with the consumer.

Time to Get in on the Game!

Don't forget the Cab GraphicsWe know you are now convinced turning your trucks into 24/7 moving billboards is right for you but where to start?  First we invite you to download our free vehicle wrap information kit to help plan your truck box wrap, including the cab!

Next, you’ll work with our expert in-house graphic designers to help you determine the type of graphics and wraps that will be right for your promotional, branding or advertising campaign. Once printed, we can install our high-quality vinyl adhesive wraps nationwide through our partnerships with over 250+ certified installers. 

Ready to turn your truck or fleet of trucks into something special—give us a call or click on the get a quote button below and we’ll backup these offered statistics and show you how truck graphics and truck wraps that include distinctive cab graphics will brighten up your truck wraps, get them noticed and pull in more revenues! 

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