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Why Your Vehicle Wrap Design Isn’t Working

Vehicle Wrap DesignEver see those fleet vehicles wrapped with confusing graphics, mismatched colors and have a hard time figuring out exactly what they are trying to advertise or promote? This does happen and, more than not it’s the fault of bad vehicle wrap design.

Losing the Artist Within

We all like to think we are creative. Let’s face it, if you own a fleet of vehicles you are innovative and creative enough to succeed in business. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. It does come with certain skillsets which may seem easy to you but stumbling blocks for others.

Still, often that artist within may have a vision about a vehicle wrap design they want but unfortunately, it doesn’t convey the business brand.

Bad Designs

When it comes to vehicle wrap design, in order for it to succeed in its purpose, you almost have to hire a graphic designer. (Here at Sunrise Signs, that’s not a problem because we employ in-house graphic designers.)

Business owners are big thinkers and while they want to try and convey everything they do, sell or service at their business, it’s really not the best idea to flood your vehicle fleet with a too-confusing message or missed-matched graphics.  Often, that old saying less is more, really does mean something.

Imagine a sporting goods shop with a fleet of vans all boasting various sporting gear with no consistency, different colors on each vehicle wrap design and the business name in small print on the back of the doors. Sure, one could argue many people on the street know those colored vans belong to that particular sporting goods store, but with the business name not prominent, most people might think “What’s their name again?” or “What’s their phone number?”

In other words, if you design a vehicle wrap such as the one described above, people will “notice” your vans but they won’t know where you are or how to contact you.

Advertising with Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wrap designs with a messageOf course our goal at Sunrise Signs is to please every customer and we want to know your ideas! From those ideas, our graphic artists will offer you a few choices of vehicle wrap designs to choose from that display the right message, your logo, a company name viewers can see and read, a telephone number and if you have a website—that too. By the by, if you don’t have a logo, that’s okay too—we can also help with that.

One idea we suggest for all of our customers is to download our free vehicle wrap kit along with our vehicle wrap ROI (return on investment) calculator to see how vehicle graphic design works and how they are much more affordable than other forms of advertising.

A good rule of thumb when you are ready to wrap your fleet, is to consider your brand and all it encompasses. That means your customers, your employees and the products or services you sell. Perhaps you have a slogan that is so well-known it’s a must-place in your vehicle graphic.

Make a list of all of the important elements of your brand, your vision, mission, slogan, logo, catch phrase, telephone number, website and other things you’re proud of such as being “family-owned” or “custom” or “free estimates.”

These elements will aid our staff in creating  your vehicle wrap design so it does get noticed but for the right reasons. Here, we do include the words “custom” in our logo, because as custom as your business is, we strive to find your niche and create your vehicle wraps in a way that are attractive, noticeable, responsive and visually pleasing to those looking for just what you sell.

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