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Should You Include a Catch Phrase in Your Vehicle Branding?

Vehicle branding with a catch phraseIt’s no secret adding graphics, telephone numbers and websites to your vehicle branding campaign will catch the eye of those traveling on city streets and freeways. But what about a catch phrase? Do these really get noticed? Are they essential for fleet graphic success?

Difference Between a Slogan and a Catch Phrase

Isn’t a catch phrase the same as a slogan you may ask? Although the two words are often used synonymously, they are different.

A slogan promotes the brand and often uses the brand name. Consider “Coke is It” for Coca-Cola. It names the brand but also promotes morale and brand reliability. Some slogans are only a few words, where others are longer. “See the USA in Your Chevrolet” is just one slogan General Motors used successfully for some time.

A catch phrase, on the other hand, often doesn’t mention the brand at all but once heard, people remember it and connect with the brand. “Outwit, Outplay Outlast.” If you’re a fan of the reality television show Survivor and you hear those words, your mind connects to the catch phrase.  Or, what about “Where’s the Beef?” You immediately think of the Wendy’s restaurant food chain when you hear this one—even though it’s not used anymore.

If your branding efforts have garnered enough attention, you should definitely use a catch phrase in your vehicle branding efforts. This means if someone sees, reads or hears your catch phrase they will identify with your brand.

What if you’re just beginning a branding campaign? Good advertising and marketing firms will often create both a slogan and a catch phrase and immediately intertwine the two in ads. They will also suggest you include one or both consistently in your vehicle branding efforts.

In the beginning of your campaign, you may have to include both until the catch phrase becomes so well known, you can skip the slogan containing the brand name.

Using a Catch Phrase to Gain Attention

Vehicle wrapsI remember reading a newspaper a while back and there was a small ad with very big words that said “Wife Wanted.” This catch phrase caught my eye but once I read the ad, it was really for a sewing machine manufacturer. But, it did achieve its purpose—it made me read the ad.

You can read a lot about how vehicle branding will work for you as far as affordability when compared to other ad campaigns, but using a catch phrase to gain interest or attention should be considered baby steps in your initial advertising efforts.

What if your new company is a chain of Pizza restaurants and you want people to identify with your brand? Initially combining both your name; i.e., “Peace of Pizza” and a catch phrase like “Nicely Sliced” or “Slices Are Nice” is your first step in connecting with your audience.

Once your catch phrase becomes well-known and is repeated from customer to customer, you could get away with losing the brand and using the catch phrase only.

Not Just for Vehicle Branding

Vehicle brandingAny company that utilizes even a small fleet of vehicles like two or three vans or cars needs to remember along with including your catch phrase in your vehicle branding efforts, you also need to be consistent in your other ad and promotional materials.

For example, you’ll want to include both your brand name and your catch phrase on letterhead, business cards, wall, window and floor graphics and promotional items such as key chains, pens or sticky notes.

Creating a unique brand takes effort and time before it connects with the consumer. Vehicle wraps and graphics, however, create the opportunity for many impressions per day making the entire branding process a little faster!

Ready to incorporate a catch phrase in your vehicle branding efforts?

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