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Aquatic Services Fleet Van Wraps: This ain't no Fish Tale!

fleet van wraps“Yea, foolish mortals, Noah's flood is not yet subsided; two thirds of the fair world it yet covers.” -Herman Melville

In a word full of hustle and bustle, Aquatic Services looks to bring some peace, beauty, and serenity into people's offices, homes and back yards.  They are expert providers of aquarium sales and maintenance, and specialize in reef tanks and ponds.

The owner of Aquatic was a referral by one of our fleet vehicle wrap customers who is also a customer of Aquatic.  He saw their newly wrapped trucks and knew that his fleet needed an upgrade from the basic truck lettering they had for years.

Aquatic wanted us to convey in a fleet vehicle wrap design not only the beauty of tropical fish, but also the reef life which they expertly maintain.  Also important for the design concept was the incorporation of an outdoor pond scene.

The finished result was fleet van wraps which embodied the essence of two services which Aquatic wanted to portray, and which would be highly noticed on the road.  In fact, in their first week of service, Aquatic got an big aquarium job because their customer had noticed the vivid, life-like graphics.  When asked why they hadn't seen the old trucks, the customer responded that they never stood out. That story is no fish tale!


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