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Ford E150/250/350 Van Wraps: Commercial Vehicle Graphics for Everyday Branding

ford e250 van wrapsThe Ford E-series of vans is the largest selling full size van models in the US, with 80% of the market.  Produced in a variety of sizes and configurations, the E-series makes for a perfect large graphic display.  Van wraps on these Ford vans will give your marketing plan a huge number of impressions in the very heart of your target market.

The size of the vehicle gives you a number of options for your van wraps. Installing van wraps on each vehicle in your fleet of E-series vans ensures that you will have an identity in your territory.  Think of it, your vans visit your current customers who are in the heart of the territory where you sell. Everyone who sees your fleet and their van wraps also lives and works in that area. ford e250 van wrap graphics

And think of how many vehicles you see on a simple trip to the grocers.  It is the same for the van wraps on your fleet, who will be seen by thousands of others every day.  It is a targeting dream.

The E-series vans are large enough for you to have your name, logo, phone and web address on the graphic.  But add a full color graphic that shows you, your product or your product being used and your image will stay in the mind of random viewers.  Repeated viewings reinforce that image.   The objective is for them to remember you when they need that product or service.  A memorable graphic will result in new leads and business from inbound calls.

ford e150 van wraps graphicsKeep text to a minimum and make it large.  Even with a large van as your canvas, many viewers will be some distance away, and they won’t have the time to read much – just a name, phone number , web address and a short slogan is often just enough to create new demand for your products and services.

You may have E-series in your fleet already.  If so, now is the time to leverage that platform by adding van wraps to each and every vehicle.  Don’t keep your name and products secret – let the whole world know about you and what you sell.

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