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Sprinter Van Wraps: European Styling - Big Vehicle Graphics!

sprinter van graphicsSprinter Vans come in a variety of models and sizes and are used for many purposes.  Manufactured and now sold only by Mercedes-Benz, in the past they have also been sold in the US under the brands of Freightliner and Dodge.  The van generally sold is a larger van and is commonly used for larger delivery products or where the van is used to carry tools and other equipment.   They have several standard configurations, including the potential for custom bodies.  Many provide that intermediate size fleet vehicle, between the compact vans and larger trucks.

The size of the van sides make a very attractive size for van wraps as they can display  large images and information.   Versions with and without windows can cover the entiresprinter van truck wraps vehicle body providing a large expanse to present your message. 

Sprinter van wraps are an efficient and economical way for you to market your business.  As each vehicle in your fleet is out on the roads of your territory, they can be seen by thousands of other drivers each and every day.  For each vehicle that can amount to millions of impressions every year, and the van wrap can last for several years.  Van wraps are durable and some wraps last as long as the vehicle remains in service.   Keep the vehicle washed and you will create vivid and colorful impressions to potential customer s in your target area.  They are especially noticed when on the sides of a larger vehicle, such as the Sprinter Vans.

sprinter van vinyl wrap graphicsOnce you have installed van wraps, they will continue to provide inbound sales leads and new business.  No need to pay for more media, or more cable ads.  Sprinter van wraps provide a permanent marketing tool to reach those potential customers that live and work in the area where you are already working and delivering goods.

Keep the text in your graphics large and succinct.  You want them to be read by other motorists at some distance.  And use colorful graphics.  Wraps use thousands of subtle colors that make your display much richer than a simple painted name and address on the van door.

If you use Sprinter Vans in your fleet, take advantage of their size and install van wraps for an immediate impression on your target audience.


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