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Matte Black Wraps vs. Matte Black Paint: Which is Better?

Posted on Mon, Dec, 26, 2011

The debate over matte black wrapping vs. matte black painting will continue for a long time to come.  There are certainly benefits to both.  Of course most wrap shops will tell you why matte black wraps are better, and vice versa a paint shop is going to exude the virtues of a matte black paint job.

Either way, there is one thing for certain:  Matte black wraps are not for everyone and matte black paint jobs are not for everyone.  Here are a few points for consideration:

You should choose a matte black paint job if:

  • You don't care about a potential reduction in your car's value by replacing your car's OEM paint job.
  • You want the car's finish to be permanent (3-5+ years depending on quality of the paint job).
  • A good matte black wrap is not in your budget compared to a "cheap" paint job that will last only a couple years.
  • You absolutely have to have paint.

You should choose matte black wraps if:

  • You want to color change your car without replacing your OEM paint job.
  • You want to protect your car's OEM finish while giving your car a different look.
  • You want a lower cost alternative to a good, quality paint job.
  • You'd like a cost effective way to refresh the look of your car as often as you'd like.

So yes, even the "wrap guy" will tell you that there are times when matte black paint may be right up your alley instead of wrapping.  Still need more information.  Check out some forums or download out this guide on wrapping versus painting.

Can you tell the difference?

Matte Black Paint

matte black painting vs wrapping resized 600

Matte Black Wrap

matte black wrapping versus painting

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