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Wall Wraps: Interior Design Ideas for Retail, Restaurants and Corporate Decor

retail wall wraps

Wall wraps are quickly gaining popularity as a way to showcase a business.  Very similar to wall murals, wall wraps are digitally printed onto wallpaper or pressure sensitive adhesive backed vinyl.

When printed onto vinyl, there are many finishing options including matte, luster, and gloss.  As for wallpaper, there is the everyday finish, but also many textured options.

Combine a fantastic graphic design with a wall wrap and you have the makings of a visually stunning interior design.

Here are some ideas how your business or company can use wall wraps to transform their interior wall spaces.

Logo Branding: Wall Wraps are a great way to take your business logo and incorporate additional design elements such as images of some of your products and services.  Another option would be a step and repeat pattern of your business logo.

Accent Walls: Instead of a plain jane accent wall that is make up of just a single solid color, why not create a wall wrap accent wall that have some gradients or multiple shades of a color?

Fine Art: A very cost effective way to replicate fine art on a larger scale.  High resolution images will can be blown up to fill entire wall spaces.

Restaurants:  Give the impression that artwork was directly painted onto a textured plaster wall surface without the mess or cost.

Retail:  Highlight your top brands with life size wall wraps.  Instead of just a logo on a wall, incorporate emotional images of the brand in use.

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