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Medical Transport Vehicle Wraps: How to Resuscitate Your Mobile Graphics

medical transport graphics resized 600Medical emergencies do not stay in one place.  People get hurt or sick at any time for any reason, which makes your vehicle a medical transport vehicle.

You need to stand out!  When rushing someone to the hospital, it is crucial that you be seen.  Your visibility is more than just business, it’s a safety issue.

Naturally, you don’t want to be seen transporting someone with a make-shift sign on your vehicle.  You need credibility and a professional image.  So, whether you’re driving or just parked strategically, a medical transport vehicle wrap will give you that look.  Additionally, it will create a mass of new marketing opportunities.

The sick and injury business will never go away.  When someone finds themselves in an emergency situation, you want them to remember your name.  Branding your fleet with a medical transport vehicle wrap will give you just that.

Some important benefits to a medical transport vehicle wrap for your van or entire fleet include:medical transport healthcare vehicle wraps

  • Improving your credibility through graphics that are powerful and full of impact. 
  • Getting your vehicle or vehicles noticed could save lives.
  • All your vehicles will play an important role in the well-being of your community.
  • Giving your vehicle a medical wrap that is comforting and uplifting rather than just a transport to a hospital will increase business.

Your medical transport vehicle wrap will act as a mobile billboard to increase your business of saving lives.  Your design will be branded in their minds forever!

medical transport healthcare graphicsThere are steps to the process of wrapping which include:

  • Personalizing – making your vehicle or fleet truly your company through brilliance, color and impact.
  • Design.  Designing an effective medical transport vehicle wrap is an art.  It takes someone with design training, software expertise and artist skills.  You want a design that is going to get results!
  • Printing is next – Vibrant colors, quality inks, and long lasting without fading.  Choosing the right company is imperative.
  • Lamination, which prevents UV fading and peeling.
  • Vehicle preparation – This avoids bumps and air pockets and gives your medical transport vehicle a smooth professional look.

You now have a traveling billboard that no one can miss!  Every time you stop, anywhere you stop, you are seen.  Eventually your name sticks in the minds of those who see you pass without them even realizing it and when the need comes to call for help, this time it will be you!


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