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Pest Control Vehicle Wraps: How to Exterminate the Competition

pest control vehicle wraps

Think back.  When was the last time you saw a roach or carpenter ant grab a bus to your pest control business to be exterminated? 

Did you say never?

Then, that must mean that you had to go to them in order to exterminate the nasty little creatures, which also means that you or your men drove all day between jobs exposing your business vehicle to the public. 

So why not kill two bugs with one stone?  Use your pest control vehicle for productive marketing and expanding your business.

pest control company vehicle graphics


If you install a pest control vehicle wrap on your business vehicle, chances are your business is bound to increase in several ways.

  • Think about how many people will see that vehicle wrap.  Maybe thirty to eighty thousand a day!
  • It seems true that bugs don’t go to sleep precisely at nine o’clock at night.  Your vehicle will be advertising long after that…twenty-four-seven.
  • And when is the last time you thought of your local traffic light as a marketing opportunity?

Vehicle wrapping is a tried and true way to advertise your business all around town after the initial cost.  The empty sides and back of your vehicle will be filled with graphics of your company exposing your services around the clock.  

So what are the benefits and how can you make it full of impact?

  • Well, you don’t want to cause accidents, but you do want them to look. 
  • Make it interesting and colorful.  Not too scary or cute.
  • Make sure your contact information is visible as is your logo.
  • High quality lettering will ensure that no one will be unable to read the message that says, call us!


pest control exterminator vehicle wrap graphics


So, when you wrap your vehicle with your company’s logo and graphics that will raise eyebrows, you guarantee that wherever you drive, people will look. And after a while, people will be able to recognize your vehicle everywhere, so when the need comes up, you name will be remembered.

Pest control vehicle wraps are no doubt an easy way to get noticed.  But getting people to remember you is a little more difficult.  So the trick is for the design to be eye catching and at the same time, stick like glue in the minds of your potential customers.

Professionally designed vehicle wrapping can be underestimated.  People are just not aware of what a great marketing tool it is.  So let's wrap it up and increase your business.

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