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Van Wrapping Makeover: Flooring Company Van gets "Wall to Wall" Graphics

BuJo Flooring Specialists Full Van WrapWhen BuJo Flooring Specialists approached us about wrapping their 2003 Dodge Ram Van, they initially thought about getting the ol' girl painted and then just applying some truck decals.  Even though the van was approaching nine years and a lot of miles, it still ran great!

Steve, the owner of BuJo had seen other vehicle wraps on the road and quickly noticed how eye catching they were.  The cost of the van wrapping was going to be slightly more than getting it painted and decaled, but he felt that van wraps offered much more visibility.  He said it was worth the additional investment!

The next step was the van wrap design.  We sat down with Steve and went over what was important to his business, both in terms of products and services, and also contact information (phone numbers, website).  In terms of a logo, Steve needed some assistance, so we first completed a logo design based on an idea he brought to the table.

Then one of our design team created a color scheme to go with the newly minted logo design.  Images were brought in to demonstrate some of the most important services that Bujo offers.  Then the images, logo, and background was designed to give it balance and solid contrast.

Steve loved the design, and after some minor changes the van wrap was printed and installed.  While the van ran fine, some of the paint had seen better days.  We warned Steve that due to the poor quality of the paint, that it was likely that paint would also come off when the wrap was eventually removed.  Steve had no problem with this since the van was going to be retired 3-5 years down the road.

When the van was finished, Steve was ecstatic. He couldn't believe how completely different that van looked.  In his words he said it looked "brand new"!  Like the home and office makeovers that Steve and Bujo provide for their customers, the new flooring company vehicle wrap was going to give his business "wall to wall" visibility and branding!

Here are the before and after pictures.  What do you think?



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