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Vehicle Fleet Graphics Options for Marketing your Brand

ford transit connect graphics resized 600Visibility is key to marketing effectiveness, and vehicle fleet graphics is a very powerful way to accomplish this.  Everyone knows the bottom line is about profitability and effectiveness. When considering return on investment, there is little to compare to the value of vehicle fleet graphics because the value of fleets out in the field as moving advertising bill-boards can't be compared.

With any advertising campaign there are an assortment of options to consider. You may have trucks, cars, vans or mini electric's, and unlike bill-boards--there is no need to fill the whole space you have available. As a moving company bill-board, vehicle fleet graphics are an amazing value.

In order to maximize your logo or brand effectiveness, consider the following points:

Truck Lettering - the most basic of all vehicle fleet graphics options. Cut vinyl is used to make your logo and lettering for the side-panels of your fleet vehicles. These are usually placed on the doors, sides and tailgates. More advanced techniques can include shadowing of letters for depth and use of more reflective materials such as diamond plating.

Vehicle Graphics - This includes digitally printed and contoured cut graphics. Full color digital prints add a depth of color, vibrancy, gradient effects and other stand-out features. The placement is similar to truck placing, of course; sides, trunks or tailgates, etc. Contrast between the vehicle color and the added graphic can also make a big difference.

Partial Vehicle Wraps - This involves large format digital printing. It begins at the rear-end of the vehicle and moves forward. The partial wrap can end almost anywhere and is usually combined with the company logo and graphics.

Full Vehicle Wraps - This is considered the ultimate in vehicle fleet graphics because the entire vehicle is completely designed to represent an off-the-surface representation of your company displayed in the most creative and inspiring fashion possible.

These options are the most common when reviewing the vehicle fleet graphics options. With the full vehicle wraps some consider this to be a sort of full vehicle "shrink wrap sticker" option. Usually the roof is not included in these full-vehicle wraps. Full vehicle wraps usually include low profile vehicles such as PT cruisers, Scion's, Honda elements and more. Less likely to be receiving full "vehicle fleet graphics" are cargo trucks or box trucks.

A full vehicle fleet graphics project allows the most flexibility for design options and other elements such as QR codes, copy text and images. When properly designed, the full body wrap also provides a very cohesive look and feel to the company who has utilized the option properly, and chosen the right "vehicle fleet graphics" company. The ideal full vehicle graphic is cohesive, yet uncluttered in appearance.

The levels of creativity that can be employed when engaging vehicle fleet graphics can't really be measured. Truly, the sky seems to be the limit for the potential with design, look, feel and advertising effectiveness. Who you choose to create this look for your company makes all the difference. Make certain you view some of the potential company's best work, and get a really good feel for what you want and need.

In today's world of competitive advertising vehicle fleet graphics is a rare opportunity, so be sure you take advantage of your options today. The only thing equal to the effectiveness of vehicle fleet graphics today, is social networking on the internet. When you consider just how many people view your fleet on the road or in motion in traffic or en-route to jobs, or activities related to your company--you won't find any value greater than vehicle fleet graphics.

image credit: Work Truck online

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