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Mini Bus Wraps: Bright, Bold, and Beautiful

mini bus wrap philadelphaThe mini bus is a strange creature within the realm of vehicles. Too big to be a van, too small to be a full sized bus, the mini bus is a somewhat awkward creature.  Yet much like the ugly duckling was secretly a swan, the mini bus too can be beautiful once it finds it purpose. What turns a mini bus from duckling to swan? A mini bus wrap, of course.

Mini bus wraps create some of the most exciting possibilities that exist within the field of vehicle wrap design.  The vehicles are large and attention getting to begin with, and the long, flat sides of a mini bus wrap make it ideal for large format graphics. mini bus wrap shuttle

Some clients who are interested in a mini bus wrap express trepidation about the expansive windows of most mini buses, but perforated window graphics are just as vibrant and eye catching as regular vinyl. The perforations make it easy for passengers to see through the windows of your mini bus wrap, without having to sacrifice graphics on the outside.

Mini bus wraps are also increasing in popularity. Just last month a mini bus wrap in Australia won the Roland Creative Awards People’s Choice Award for it’s fun and colorful graphics. The mini bus wrap, pictured right, illustrates just how much impact a wrap can have when every inch of the vehicle is taken full advantage of.

Another mini bus wrapexample of a show-stopping mini bus wrap, if we don’t say so ourselves, is one that we created last spring for Pistol Pete’s Steakhouse and Saloon. While this wrap differs in color scheme and content from the wrap above, you can see just how striking a boldly colored mini bus wrap can be!

Interested in getting a mini bus wrap for your company, church, service, or band? Let us know by contacting us using the button below!

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